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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Tango34, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. Rights lets find out who is who.....

    Im ACF (SSI) and have 4 years regular service and now 9 years with the ACF........

    Who else will name and "shame" themselves..........................

  2. Ex-L/Cpl Devizes Platoon, Anzio Coy, Wiltshire Btn...

    ...left because they couldn't organise a wet t-shirt competition in a monsoon.

    ...Instead it turns-out the Scout Accociation offer more adventure sports, more discipline, more shooting and it is more highly looked upon by officer recruiting. I am now a skills-instructor and leading international expeditions. Beats a full-screw in the mud in Wiltshire.

    ...Well, one-sort anyway!

  3. im also ACF , Im an SI just out of my AIC now waiting for ITC, been in since sept as a CI and on staff since may.

    ive named myself but not ashamed ! ya boo :D
  4. im a cdt Sgt in london ACF. iv been in since dec'99 and have enjoyed most of it. started to enjoy it less now im a SNCO because i seem to be doing nothing but adim crap. love the fieldcraft and WISH we could to more ex's with the TA and regs.
  5. ACF, SI, AIC, ITC, CI ??? Are you in the CIA?
  6. Must be more TLAs in the ACF than thier are in the big boys army :D
  7. What's one of them then?
  8. Now i will leave some out, so some1 will have to post the rest....... lol

    im also ACF , Im an SI just out of my AIC now waiting for ITC, been in since sept as a CI and on staff since may

    ACF - Army Cadet Force

    CCF - Combined Cadet Force

    CA - Civilain Assistant

    PI - Potentail Instructor

    SI - Sgt Instructor

    WSI - Women Sgt Instructor

    SSI - Staff Sgt Instructor

    WSI - Women Staff Sgt Instructor

    ITC - Initinal Instructors Sourse

    ABC1 - Adult Basic Course Part 1 (This is a Rifle, this is how to wear uniform, this is drill etc)

    ABC2 - Adult Basic Cousre Part 2 (This is Fieldcraft, this is a Rifle, this is an LSW, etc)

    KG6 - Qualifacion course for WO2 / Capt in Fieldcraft, Management, Running a Platoon etc.

    NE more u lot can think of....................................
  9. KGIV is not just for WO2/capt. any rank can do a KGIV.

    L98 A1 cadet general purpose rifle.

    CTT- cadet training team. regs that teach senior cadets and the adult staff.

    CTC- cadet training centre
  10. Devizes.... Did they hold that at the old Barracks?
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Ex Reg, Ex TA, currently SI ACF Detachment Commander. Been with the paramilitary Scouts for 1 year.
  12. to add to the above intials

    AIC = adult induction course

    ITC = instructors training course

    CI = civilian instructor

    man in black is suitably qualified to speak on all three sections of the army as he has been in the Regs, TA now in ACF so anything he has to say has some credibility
  13. I am sure maninblack does speak with some credibility,but are you saying if you have not done all 3 then you have no credibility?

    I will be carefull what I say as my 24years regular service only,( no TA and ACF and all the other ones LOL), as it may may lack credibility !!!!!!!! 8O
  14. i suppose you have said it :) i wouldn't speak about anything that i don't know about :wink: so ACF bashing can happen due to ignorance of what we do.

    i have no Regs or TA experience so i wouldnt comment on operational stuff

  15. Nor should you , but there is a VAST difference between a regular serviceman, (including a TA serviceman with no reg experience)and ACF instructors (with neither) and cadets.