Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by cam&conceal, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Greetings all

    First of all im a virgin so please be gentle

    I'm currently in the process of rejoining the Army and going for INT. After leaving the Army (ex- QRH) back in 2002 I gained GCSE's, A level's and a Degree realised that the Army is still for me.
    I would like to know about SIGINT a little more, is this the type of role where you sit on the front line and listen to the enemy? Maybe mess with their communications? Or is this the type of role where you sit in the rear with the gear? I am quite good at languages although slightly dyslexic, would this hinder me? Any information about this role would help.
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  3. Raising my wah shield carefully, you really can't do better than checking out the Corps pages on the Army website. They'll tell you what the MoD line is.
  4. Yea, ive looked into the usually web sites, just thought someone might give me a idea what that area is like. However it seems to be very varied in the Int corps so assume i would not stop at one area.
  5. So thats Royal BT, thanks for that page there Green jacket

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  7. You have asked a question in the James Bond fantasists thread about a pretty dull, but vital routine task?

    There will be great puckering of lips and rectal clenching before they all get on their high horse and castigate you for endangering National Security.
  8. forgive my ignorance, I know nothing about this area and just wanted to get some more info so when they ask that question at Chicksands "Why the int corps" i can go in there strong. Remeber "Knowledge gives strength to the arm"
  9. Christopher Andrew's Authorised history of MI5
    Richard Aldrich's GCHQ
    Richard Tomlinson, The Big Breach .
    Mark Urban, UK Eyes Alpha
    Mark Urban, Big Boys' Rules
    Steve Hewitt, The British War on Terror.

    Suggested reading list from my MA supervisor for a dissertation on the challenges facing UK intelligence as the Threat changes. there is also a book on my shleves called The Hidden Hand also by Aldrich which covers the early development of SIGINT.

    Useful suggestions from RGJ and Gladys, predicatble tumbleweed from AOS who is so senile these days he can't remeber what day it is ;-)
  10. AFCO................
  11. Devexwarrior most kind, i shall go comandeer one or two of these books from the uni lib
  12. They have given me some idea tuffy52
  13. Amazing! This thread has been going for 3 hours now and NOBODY has managed to turn it into another darkside baiting session!

    Not that they don't deserve it.....
  14. Then SIGINT is the wrong answer. It can;tbe your reason for joining if you are only just finding out what it is.

    And Deevo whatever yourname,.. I think my nappy needs changing!

    Long live the Dark-side, we got biscuits ( and choccy ones too!!)