Sightseeing Cold War Berlin

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Harry_R_Jumpjet, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Going to Berlin again soon for a few days. Have seen the usual Cold War sights (Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Stasi Museum (here if you've not seen it) and am asking if anyone knows of any off-the-beaten-track Cold War places to visit/things to see.

    Having first been there when the Wall was up, it's fascinating to see the difference now. Cheers, HRJ
  2. just outside berlin theres a place called unity bridge they exchanged the spies there and goo to zoo station because theres the best chinese in berlin down the road uhhhhhhhh potsdammer platz all modern high rise stuff there but it used to be in the middle of the death zone and TV tower on the former east side withch is right by the former weast german parliment if you need and more help message me
  3. Where do you stay when you visit Berlin? I haven’t been back since 53. Keep talking about a visit though.
  4. Stay in the Express By Holiday Inn (here) near-ish to Checkpoint Charlie, €51 or £35 for the room and breakfast. That's for you and partner, very clean, good travel links around the city and you get a decent brekky as well. Fantastic value.
  5. Stay in the Adlon Kempinski on Alexanderplatz (Unter den Linden). will get you a weekend there for £350 and that's flying into Templehof. The Adlon was only foundations when we were there, although anyone who was there before the dead zone was cleared in the 60's will remember its burnt out shell.

    Beside the Adlon is the Holocaust Memorial which takes up a large part of the dead zone just to the rear of the Brandenburger Tor. It's a must.

    The Furherbunker has been filled in and the site leveled. There's nothing left of the Rheichschancellery at all but if you walk down Wilhelmstrasse you will see the air ministry.

    Don't be tempted by the Maur Park, it's boring and really doesn't give an impression of what it was really like. Get a good guide book and you'll find there are loads of places where the wall is still intact but where you can actually walk through the dead zone. They've taken the tripwires, mines and fixed line rifles away so you should be ok.

    Walk anywhere in those back streets in the East and you'll see scars from the War. So much is still to be done.

    Oh, and definitely walk right up to the Russian War Memorial in 17th June Strasse. It will make you stop and think when you see the thousands of flowers and candles which are placed there daily.

    The very fact of being there is excitement enough for me. Especially coming in through Templehof - classic Nazi architechture. I actually got breathless when I walked out onto Unter den Linden from my hotel for the first time.
  6. Many thanks HRJ & GD. I really must make the effort. I still have many memories even after all these years.
  7. Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park worth a visit

    Kreuzberg's always a good place to go for a beer, definitely a varied kind of place!

    They have good flea markets in Berlin too, not sure if that's your thing, means getting up very early, but it's incredible what can be bought, I've found everything from wartime Luftwaffe flight manuals to German pop music.
  8. We all do Rumrunner. It gives me incredible personal satisfaction to go back. is very useful for us too because the hotels they list are always good quality and it gives me a warm feeling to be walking out of a five star to start my day, even though it only cost me the same as a Holiday Inn.

    Feast you eyes on this picture. The Alexanderplatz - this was the dead zone in your day and mine. The cafe chairs belong to the Adlon, that's how close it is to the gate.

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  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whatever happened to Edinburgh House, also Sachenhausen is a must :(
  10. Edinburgh House was sold because it wasn't needed any more.
  11. I second the Russian war memorial,and I can remember when the sun caught the TV tower at a certain time of day a big cross lit up on it
  12. Go to Spandau, take the bus to Potsdam, and pass countless former Russian Barracks........ scary........ Berlin was surrounded .......
    Get into the Palaces in Potsdam, especially Cecilienhof, home of one of Queen Victoria's daughters, who was married to Kaiser Bill; the palace is an 'english tudor replica', and where the Potsdam 4 Power conferance was held in 1945. It has been preserved as such. Then go home on the S Bahn past Wannsee and the Grunewald. Do you remember the American range in the Grunewald?

    A good place to stay, especially if you were posted in Brooke/Wavell/Smuts Barracks is the new Ibis, beside Spandau railway station (on the site oif the old marshalling yards) £45 per room per night, and right beside the main line ultra modern station, opposite the RatHaus.

    For those that were stationed at Gatow, go there now to visit the fascinating flying museum of the German airforce....... from Otto Lillienthals flying wing to the V1, to the latest that the 'neue luftwaffe' .possesses.
  13. GD, what a really strange coincidence. I was watching a Sky 1 movie Hades, tonight and would you believe it in the first 30 mins, one of the scenes was set in that hotel (Adlon Kempinski).

    Strange or what?