Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. YES

  2. YES, but only in the back of my stationery cupboard

  1. We'd be really grateful if serving personnel or spouses could report first sightings of the new "Register to Vote" leaflets, which have been produced by the Electoral Commission for distribution by the MOD. (As previewed elsewhere on this site.)

    We obviously want to draw attention to the leaflets, and help to generate interest. But it could also be very useful afterwards if we ever have to build a case that the leaflets were not distributed in time etc. Hopefully that will never be necessary, but we do need to think ahead.

    Don't mention units, etc. All we need is something like "Seen - Fallingbostel - 23 Feb". Mention of barracks, HIVES etc is at your discretion.

    Post in this thread, PM me or the forum moderator (thus not publicly disclosing your own possible location), or email:

    Oh and by the way, "seen" means "leaflet seen somewhere where soldiers or partners can see it and pick it up".

    NOT "seen in a heap at the back of my stationery cupboard". :lol:

    thanks people, please spare a moment to reply. Naturally we are most interested in the first sighting from each location, but dont worry about duplication.

    PS this request still very much applies, notwithstanding the shy emergence of the leaflet on the web
  2. Thank you Fatbadge for the first non-sighting :D
  3. Good point, PTP.

    'Non-sightings' are just as useful at this stage.

    "LEAFREP" or "NONLEAFREP"? :lol:
  4. :lol:
  5. I even visited the NAAFI chatroom this evening, such are the degradations of this "electoral registration" mission.

    No b****r had seen the leaflets.

    Probably all too p1ssed to notice, anyway. Slug did say something about the new "pension leaflets".
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

  7. Thanks GQ

    another 'NONLEAFREP', then
  8. T6

    Before bashing out a "thru gritted teeth" reply :roll:, I checked out those links and they are actually very useful.

    Including that elusive new electoral information leaflet for HM Forces, very newly published in pdf format by the Electoral Commission. This is the same leaflet which we published a scanned preview of.


    Interestingly, that page implies the leaflet was published on 7th February. Questions have already been asked why the printed leaflet has not yet reached the Forces, when the registration deadline for elections on 5th May is little over two weeks away.

    Anyway, now the leaflet has been provided by the Electoral Commission in quality pdf format, we will do all we can to help publicise it throughout the Forces. It's odd that we are having to do this, but we are glad to in the circumstances.

    T6, thanks mate, thank goodness for Americans on different time-zones. And, on this occasion, early-rising Brits. :oops:

    I will put you down, T6, as another "havent seen the printed leaflet". :wink:

    Please note, we are still very much looking for "sighting" or "non-sighting" reports on the printed leaflets arriving and being available in units, HIVES, etc.

  10. another "NOLEAFREP" just in:

    Gosport. NOT seen

    keep them coming folks please, have a look round this morning

    if your boss asks WTF you are up to, just tell them "ARRSE", he/she will completely understand.
  11. self-deleted ....

    In the meantime:

  12. ref my previous post now partly self-deleted

    sorry about this, you may have noticed there is some discussion going on

    consistent with our "responsible, constructive and non-partisan" campaign vision, and the need to get our facts right

    so, apologies for raising any undue "electoral registration excitement" :roll: If there really is a problem, it will be dealt with it, one way or another. Possibly off-line.

    Focus today should remain: "LEAFREPS" and "NOLEAFREPS"

    and for those who are in a position to, printing out and displaying the new pdf leaflets

  13. NOLEAFREP at my locn.

    I wonder what the intention is regarding distribution of the elusive leaflets when they do arrive. If only 100k have been printed, this is not enough for personal copies to be distributed, considering that spouses are also included. My particular concern would be that the campaign should seek to target young junior ranks, particularly those for whom this will be the first time they are eligible to vote.

    Of course, we don't know what the Grown Up's view is on this; have COs been given any guidance from on high as to the importance of Service voter registration, or could there be a danger that the leaflets will just be 'made available' rather than being properly distributed. All this could be academic, of course, as it looks as if there will be very little time indeed between the delivery of leaflets and the deadline for registration. Grounds for an extension?