Sightings - Jan 06

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shamus, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. As I drove to work this morning, mid -morn a civilised time, here in the hills, I spotted a trio of brothers marching smartly along, green berets glistening in the sun, in step and probably singing the Corps marching song, as they heading to the local garage, probably for pints of milk and tuna and cucumber rolls, plus a Daily Telegraph of course. It make my heart swell with pride to think I was once a brother member of that illustrious clan, I was overcome with emotion and wept tears of nostalgia, a glorious moment to treasure, in my now dull and sad existence. :cry:
  2. What the fcuk!!! Wearing uniform, off camp, grrrrrrrrr :evil:
  3. holding hands??
  4. Fcuking turd tappers!

    Green Berets = You fcukin wish!

    Pints of Milk = 2 litre bottle of coke (diet)

    Tuna and Cucumber roles = Snickers/Mars/Bounty/etc/ + Pasty + Pie + Pot Noodles

    Daily Telegraph = Sport/Sun
  5. Whilst not wishing to be seen to be undermining such an eminent accademic; can you be sure Seamus, they were not SPS?
  6. When you've been a member of the glorious Corps, you know the correct shade of green. Capbadge also tends to be a bit of a giveaway, but ones eyesight tends to diminish (like everything else) with age!!!!!!
  7. If memory serves me right, and having spent 4 years in Winchester, an SPS type clerk can be spotted and identified from all angles, mainly by the large "lump" in the back of his or her CS95 pants ( barrack dress being a thing of the past I'm led to believe). This lump is normally formed by the over indulgence of pies, lard and chocolate and the lack of any physical training, which is common place because at PT parades the Clerks are normally covering the "duty clerk" shift.

    Unless of course, you know different.
  8. One thing I love about being posted to a Bde HQ, no matter how fat or unfit you are when there's Bde PT the last person(s) in on a run will always be one (or all) of the clerks. Hey, someones got to take the flak..........................
  9. One cannot mistake the athletic builds(not present in other corps), the set steely profiles, hands hovering near to concealed weaponry, the alert situation awareness, costant scanning of the horizon for snipers, the upright brisk march - oh no even naked I would have reconised them (naked - them not me) it sent a shiver down my spine!! :roll: and it's Shamus not Seamus!!
  10. :lol: Sorry the concealed weaponry bit was me getting carried away!!
  11. Shamus

    There used to be a time when you could smell a concealed skilcraft mechanical 0.12" @ 30 feet[​IMG]

    Once even correctly identifying the optional snap-on spring clip <Warrant Officers' and Officers' only>
  12. Ahh, nostalgia....

    Where's Blue? That collection is so incomplete.