Sighting Report! - Post all NAAFI notifiable sightings here!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Johnny Frenchman, singing into his cheese and using what may well prove to be some kind of soap!


    Beggars belief doesn't it.......
  2. Do you have a thing for naked men in the bath?
  3. .
    Are you high?
  4. What the hell... Does your local dealer have Crystal Meth on special offer?
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  5. That's you, isn't it?
  6. Humour Walt.

  7. Trying and failing to see humour.
  8. There is no fucking justice on ARRSE.

    I posted, in a moment of beer and bonhomie, a picture of some birds crack and had the undivided attention of bad CO and all his imps and poltergeists.

    The OP has the fucking temerity to post a fucking picture of a fucking dastardly half naked frog and I hope he gets whipped from here to eternity for doing so.

    How fucking DARE you. DESIST, I say DESIST.
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  9. It's the soap isn't it, too far fetched..........
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  10. Fuck! for a moment there I thought it was that cunt Bonio.
  11. cernunnos

    Why have you posted a picture of you impersonating George Michael?
  12. Surely a good george michael impersonater would have been sucking a bloke off through the dividing wall in a mens loo.
  13. Why has he got his head on upsidedown?
  14. How do you know he's French?

    Did you download this Froggy gay porn site?
  15. OFFS! Post a pic of some sad Johnny frog and the next thing you know you're an eighties cum sponge impersonator!