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Sighting Report! - Post all NAAFI notifiable sightings here!

There is no fucking justice on ARRSE.

I posted, in a moment of beer and bonhomie, a picture of some birds crack and had the undivided attention of bad CO and all his imps and poltergeists.

The OP has the fucking temerity to post a fucking picture of a fucking dastardly half naked frog and I hope he gets whipped from here to eternity for doing so.

How fucking DARE you. DESIST, I say DESIST.
How do you know he's French?

Did you download this Froggy gay porn site?
It's not hard, right click on the picture, select copy URL and then read the title bullshit. Well that isn't armenian is it?

I was actually goggleing "douche", don't ask me why, I was pissed and it seemed like a good idea!

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