Sighting Rep... Ex 7 and 29 in Sunny Baggers(psd) whos here?

How du?

Seem to be bumping into alot of Ex 7 PARA RHA and 29 Commando out in sunny Baghdad doing the old "dash for cash" ,Thats PSD to you harry!

The latest score 29- 21 sightings and 7- around 10? Any advances? Think its time for a elite Gunner reunion at the BIAP.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
I've only bumped into two ex-29 lads, one was no less than my old troopie, working as a team member on the team I was with in Baggers late 04 till early 05, I did the Cdo cse with him back in 94, an all round good egg.
Another was an ex-stripey I bumped into at the PX carpark in the Green Zone, he told he kept bumping into ex-29 loonies, up and down the country.
I've not met any ex-7 lads, though I'm sure that they're out there.

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