Sig trades old and new

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scousemech, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Been out now 7 years EX Tele Mech

    Trades used to be

    Te Tech
    Radio Tech
    Tele Mech
    Combat powerman
    Combat Lineman
    Combat driver
    combat siggie

    radio relay
    Rad ops
    spec ops

    What are they now
    oh yeah is ptarmigan still in use
  2. Ptarmigan still in use by 49 (V)
  3. Your Techs are now called Systems Engineers
    Telemechs are Installation Technicians
    Combat Powerman is now the Electrician Driver
    Combat Lineman and Driver are now the Driver Lineman
    No Combat Siggies anymore

    Someone else do the handbag stuff!
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Sys OP/Radio Relay - AS Op
    RTG/RAD Op - RS Op
    DTG - no more
    ADP Spec - IS Eng
    Wavell op - no more

    Now have Cormorant and Bowman in use as well as ptarmigan.
  5. No dtgs who does the comcen work then
  6. Do they still have the polar bear emblem? and have I sussed ur ID?

    IS Op became IS Eng

    except the TA are changing

    RS Ops to be ICS Ops
  7. Do they still have the polar bear emblem? and have I sussed ur ID?

    not sure wat you mean polar
  8. rs and as ops
  9. aimed at polar69
  10. Yeah but for how long? Heard a rumour last year they were merging and strangely TA have new trade
  11. It's all done by civvies mostly matey bar across the water
  12. you go away for 10 mins and it all turns to ratshit I used enjuy giving the handbags s hit
  13. TA don't have specific trades - just a hobby that they don't do well
  14. So what is God's trade now the RTG is no more?
  15. I guess no-one's heard the latest re-jumble of the trades that is being planned at SOinC's...

    The Combat Radioman is back ! Although with a shiny new name. Gist of the plan is:

    RS Ops and AS Ops become ICS Operator
    Techs and IS Engineers become ICS Engineers
    Inst Techs and RS Electricians merge
    Dvr Lmn and Tech Sup Specs merge
    Spec Ops crack on in their own sunny world

    This is all pukker and straight from the horses mouth at the MCM Div roadshows, coming soon to a Unit near you.