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Does anyone know if the Sig to LCpl board is or infact has already sat and when it was?
I know that last year results released on 7 oct is it in oct this year also?
For some reason those dates look a little suspect on that website. I am fairly certain that Signallers as at date is 30 May 06 and that the board sits at the end of Jul sometime. I will check and let you know.
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Jedi, which bit of Bowman's post is correct? I've got Siggies 'as at' date as 1 Aug 06; the F1 board sitting 5-8 Sep 06, the F2 board sitting 19-22 and the results promulgated on 6 Oct 06. Is the MCM webpage wrong? If it is wrong, are any of the other dates incorrect?
Im not holding my breath, expect me to be on here sometime in September/October time giving it the same rants I was doing last year.

Sprogs, biffs, birds coming off etc...

Sigs to LCpl

As at 30 May 06 (This means the start of the process so don't expect your CR spot on that date).

F1 Sig - LCpl Promotion Board - 05 - 08 Sep 06
F2 Sig - LCpl Promotion Board - 19 - 22 Sep 06

Publication Date of Results for both boards 6 Oct 06.

Glasgow will be expecting your CR to be with them by the end of Jul. If you haven't had it by then you should be chasing it. If you haven't had it by Summer leave you could be in the poo. Do not go on Summer leave in August without having signed your CR if you're a signaller (obviously if your posting order says that your getting a delayed one then don't worry too much about it,, but if you haven't seen it by August Bank holiday then you are not likely to be going to the board!).
I can't wait till I get my CR, lol if you think you've seen me b1tching on here you aint seen nothing yet.....
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Really need to start keeping my opinions on how sh1te the army is to myself
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