sig sys eng vs rlc ammo tech

I am looking at re-enlisting (ex stores, sigs) and these, sig sys eng + rlc ammo tech, are the two trades that really appeal to me.

I know bugger all about either, sys eng was just emerging when I left. I am going back in for as long as they will let me (civvi st sucks) - thus rank, progression and ultimatley pension are very important to me.
I have worked in IT in civvi street - however I already have made up my mind it will have little or no relevance to the sigs version. Is this the case?

I have trawled forums and the army website etc - but whats the real deal with these trades based on what i am hoping to get out of it.

Sys Eng (or Tech, as we used to be) will be phased out soon when we are amalgamated with the IS Ops as some other trade whose name I've chosen not to remember. I believe the first courses for the new trade start next month, although I may be wrong.

The tech job is far different to how you probably remember it - there's very little soldering iron and screwdriver type work left now as the likes of CLANSMAN are phased out and the likes of CORMORANT, BOWMAN etc replace them. Most of our job now consists of just replacing faulty LRUs and backloading them for civvie repair. There's also more link engineering type work done - hence the trade title change.
I must of been tired when I posted this, of course sys tech existed when I was in ( I biffed the maths :p) , but yes I do remeber the boneness of it when I was attached to the tech troop at 1 div. (Loved table tennis tho)

It's the IS Eng role that i was looking at - when I signed off there was an IS troop but no formal course - and as I was leaving you needed to be a class 1 full screw I think to go across to re-trade.

Can anyone tell me approx what is on the current syllabus for the course?
Is it an enjoyable course?
What is retention like within the trade?
Are there plans for faster promotion once the trades are merged?
If not whats the normal promotion ladder like? Many vacancies? I know its quite a new thing, but is there a bottleneck rank at the moment?

I am happy to provide my details via PM to those who are obviously in the know here.

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