Sig sqn badges.

can anyone help, i'm trying to find out the sig sqn/bde flashs or emblems used by 201, 207 and 212 ( 7, 12 and 22 bde) signal sqn's during the 80's/90's.
all were part of 1 adsr ( charging rhino) i know 7 bde were the desert rats but drawn a blank on the otheres.

cheers for any help.
22 Bde had the followng... now in use by 201 Sg sqn part of 1 (UK) ADSR.

(i;ll find it later) it was the red stags head on a white background, same as in Carr's biscuits, because Brig Carr had been commander and his family made the biscuits.

212 was a lazy H (yellow) on black, no in use by 212 in 1 adsr.

201 and 22 became 207 when 207 and 7 bde shut down in soltau.
22nd Armoured Bde (201)

12 Armd bde (212)

not the 'new' 12 Mech Bde

Don't know why the lazy h wasn't used for 12 mech.
Nice informative web pages there from 212 & 207... but I bet it was a pissed off YofS (do they still exist..?) an hour before a mess dinner who wrote the blurb for 201!!! Even the geeks amongst us don't know what the hell he said... what chance the public!


No No No! None of this is right come in again................
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