Sig Regt at Hereford????

Heard on the grape vine, a Regt will be forming at Hereford in the future. Any truth in this, has anyone else heard this rumour?
whitenoise said:
Point taken doomsayer smack on the wrist appologies!Incoming!
Don't ever type the letters "S" and "F" too close together as everyone will start claiming that it's violating opsec and Al Qaeda will get us all.

OK - the guys are highly trained and I have a lot of respect for their professionalism but let's try and avoid being blinded by a blanket pop-star adoration. Opsec should apply regardless of whichever unit we speak about - unfortunately H is still perceived as some mystical palace full of ross kemps. Damn tv and sas-fiction.
What did you think they were going to do with the excess Infantry after the cuts?

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