Sig 226 Holster for Molle (Front of Osprey)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jonboyMP, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Chaps,
    am looking for a decent holster for the Sig 226 to fit to the front of my Osprey for H17, anyone have any recommendations?

    Cheers Chaps,

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  2. There should be a holster issued, its a MOLLE type thing that comes fitted to a leg platform. Ive seen pics of blokes putting it in a magazine pouch also.
  3. Serpa.
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  4. Having tried the rats drop leg you get issued, and had it in an ammunition pouch, I third the vote for Serpa.
  5. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'd advise not putting the pistol on the front of your osprey. I'm certainly no expert on IED related injuries, but there has been a lot of information published recently about secondary injuries from kit attached to the front of osprey. The photos shown on ARB were enough to make me put all my kit around the sides or on a belt kit.
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  6. I agree 100%. Commander's pannels etc are one thing but not anything more substantial. One thing I would say however is for the Serpa you can get a second 'base' for it and easily transfer the main unit between your chest when mounted to a drop leg panel or side position with just a click when dismounted. The 'base' component is not likely to do terrible damage if you get it in the face.
  7. I think anything, will do terrible damage if blown into the face.

    If your going to carry a pistol, have it on your front. You run the risk of extra damage through ied blast ( then again you do whilst carrying your rifle in the same area) but it is the only place you can carry it where it justifies itself.
    Anywhere inaccessible and you might as well leave it in the armoury.
  8. Cheers, chaps, will have a nose round the tinternet for the Serpa.

  9. Jonboy, I've seen your shooting. It'd be safer for you to keep it in the issued black box in your armoury!

    Surely the only thing you'll need on your Osprey is a bulldog clip to hold a stack of 1033's?
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I carried mine in one of these, mounted on a forty-five degree MOLLE plate.
    It's a cracking holster for military use and the locking is so positive that the thumb-break is redundant. A pony.

    If you want a plastic holster I'd recommend the 5.11 one over the Serpa, purely for the release location. About thirty eight quid.

    Picked up a copy (?) Serpa for another wpn in the Jingly market by KIA & it's every bit as rugged as the original version. Take your choice, fifty GBP here or five USD in theatre.
  11. I'd echo the above recommendations for the SERPA holster. Personally, I'd have it mounted on an drop offset belt clip; it keeps the weapon in a natural, easy-to-reach position but keeps the weight off your thighs for running.
  12. Whatever you get don't put it on the front as others have said, that's the way you get your face smashed in you drive over an IED as a Sgt from 5 SCOTS found out. It also broke both his legs so had the holster been elsewhere life would have been easier.
  13. there starting to issue the serpa with the molle mount.
  14. Is it not issued anyway? Or does it just not have MOLLE capabilities?