Sierra Leone

Does anybody know anything about lakka in Sierra Leone?

Local politics, attitudes towards Brits and crime rates etc.  I have an expedition to plan.



Lakka Beach is about 8 miles south of Freetown, down a ramshackle track.  It is on the way to a better beach called 'Beach number 2'.  The locals love the Brits (or your money anyway).  The favourite 'Brit' watering hole is a bar called 'Paddy's' on the Aberdeen peninsula in Freetown.  Crime in Sierra Leone is rampant and life is very cheap out there.  The disarmament finished in Jan 2002 and the elections were held in June/July.

I would not recommend adventure training in Sierra Leone without being armed.  As a white man in that country they view you as a large 'Dollar Sign'.  A friend of mine (Ex RSM of the Green Howards) is working out there in charge of security for the UN.  PV me and I will give you his Email address as he will certainly be the most clued up 'Brit' anywhere concerning security in Sierra Leone.


Happy in Andover


Went to Lakka last week - I'd give the peppered chicken a miss if I were you.