sierra handloading book and 7.62x54R

while reading about handloading for 7.62x54R in my new sierra handloading book i noticed it recommends the use of .308 bullets, this surprised me as I believed it to use a .311 round, however I then checked on the internet and found claims of up to .312

just what is the correct calibre for this catridge, and checking my mosins bore it is .311
Simple, just slug the bore which it sounds like you have done and job jobbed. If your Mosin mics out at .311 that's the bullet to use.
You could maybe check out, american gunnut site but lots of info on Mosins there.


It is a nominal .311 but many .303's are found to be anything up to 314. To be honest bores wear and handloaders cope. The .308 bullets can be fired its just not that noticeable on pressure and accuracy in the older rifles. The same applies to .311 in a .308 bore. Sierra ran accuracy and pressure tests and RCBS will supply a .308 and a .311 expander plug in their 7.62 x 39 dies as the yanks tend to make the barrels in .308 and Europeans in .311.
Ugly, they go way beyond 314 -- mine has an almost new (presumably wartime) barrel with no throat wear that slugs at 318...

as for the Russian stuff, expect to find anything between 310-314. Early stuff can even go 316 or bigger. Finnish can be as tight as 307!


I had heard that but have been lucky myself. Any bigger and you might as well go to 8mm bullets.
I'm going to try a 318 from cast bullet engineering intended for 310 Cadet. If that works, all is to the good. If not, the suggestion from the chap down under was to have the throat widened to about 320 (surprisingly the throat is currently exactly the same as the groove diameter; very unusual) and then size down 324 bullets intended for 8mm Mauser.

Another idea that might work is to take one of the 316 bullets from cast bullet engineering, cast it relatively soft, and then give it a good hard kick up the arrse to cause it to set up by putting something approaching a full jacketed load behind it


Having spent a wasted saturday loading cast bullets for a client I have decided to stay away from the damn things. I really wanted to try 6.5 cast bullets for deer!
They certainly take a lot more work to get going than Jacketed, and to be fair I rather like playing around with them for the sake of it. Anything under 30 calibre is supposedly problematic and exceptionally sensitive to bullet fit.

I get excellent results with undersized bullets in my oversized Enfield, but only up to 1100 ft./s and only with extremely fast powder. This is unfortunately too slow for good, non-rested shooting at 100 m . Rested it is excellent. But I do have to have the sights set at 800 yards...
[/quote]and it still shoots low and 20cm to the left at 100m.
Is that with the Bayonet extended or without? I believe the M44 was zeroed with the bayonet extended so the POI is affected if the Bayonet is stowed or removed. Try it both ways. I also believe the they were zeroed at about 300 yards but I can't remmber if that was with light or heavy ball.
Have a look at the Mosin section of
I took the bayonet off. Tried to drift the front sight with a brass punch but it wouldnt budge. To hit the centre of a four foot target at 200m I aim at the top right hand corner. To hit fig 11s at 200m requires a bit of guess work.

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