Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Legs, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. What is the point of sidelights? I only ever use sidelights when approaching the camp gates at night to avoid blinding the guard (an act becoming rarer these days it seems).

    I ask because I am getting increasingly annoyed by drivers driving around in poor light or full dark on sidelights. In fast flowing traffic you often can't see them in your mirrors because their tiny little dim lights are outshone by the car or truck behind or to the side of them.

    Is there a good reason to use sidelights when mobile, or are they out of date and should be scrapped? personally I drive in all weather conditions with dipped headlights and would be happy if my car automatically turned them on as the engine started.

    Talking of lights - why do drivers not use lights in heavy rain or snowfall? 'Oh, I can see fine'. Good for you, but no-one else can see you!
  2. Sidelights would be quite useful if they were used whilst parked at the side of the road or where people are likely not to be easily seen. generally though people temporarily parked, usually facing the wrong way like to blind oncoming traffic with headlights or show no lights at all.

    There are also those who like to drive around using full front and rear fog lights.

    Oooooh don't start me...........
  3. With regards to the bolded bit, when I was stationed in Germany, there was a sign instructing drivers to do so.

    Here in Germany, it is illegal to drive with only side lights during poor visibility or at night. I agree with the point about not seeing them behind you though.
  4. I use sidelights in normal light conditions.
  5. All Uk bikes are now lights on all the time and Volvo's ?? if I read right so it will only be a matter of time before they all do.

    As a rant ;fog lights can be turned off as well as on people :x
  6. Yup, from 2011 all new cars sold in the EU will require Day Running Lights. That's why you now see all the Audis running around with these silly LED eybrow type lights on them.

    It's always been legal to run on sidelights after dark as long as the road is street lit and the speed limit is 30 or less. Probably not the most sensible thing to do but many do as they can.

    Sidelights still have a place as marker lights when you are parked on unlit roads. Many don't realise the legal requirements for this.
  7. For the last few years, Fog lights have been required to reset as the headlights of the car are turned off. This means that it is no longer possible to leave your fog lights on for days/months on end, you actually have to turn them on when you need them. Of course, you still get the tossers who turn them on as soon as there is the very lightest of mist, and those who don't even know that they've turned them on.

    Essentially what this means is that in time, most of the old cars will go and fog lights being left on for long periods will be a thing of the past.