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Apparently its OK to go back to the block and wolf one of the lads up the arse but woabittide any one who grows half an inch of hair on the side of your face.
CJ you are undoubtedly the most irritating person since BB and I for one will, in the very near future, give you a lesson in the loyal british forces approach to traitor convicts such as yourself who seem not to know how to treat your betters. If you fail this lesson the corrective training applied will be at the highest standard HM troops can apply and leave you snivelling for your mummy within three seconds.
CJ, you have to got to the state, where whatever you post and wherever you post it, however correct and mind blowingly brilliant it is (doubtful), you will be slagged off until you sod off.

This is cos you are a serial tosspot.

CJ me old mucker, it's endex for you.

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