Side-Zip Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thegiantorange, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. they do look extreamly chippy!!
  2. Surely they will jam up with mud and crud on exercise. Plus they look uber waltish.
  3. I use side-zip boots at work, and they're really useful when you've got to nip inside for food/fag/dump. But I work on an oilrig.

    If you want to keep your feet dry, and your boots reasonably tightly laced, I'd stick to the more conventional footwear. Plus, what would you do if the zip quit at an inopportune moment?
  4. I am a new Adult Instructor with the ACF and thought I could avoid buying new boots and use the combat high and combat assault booys stashed in my attic. Unfortunatly, having lost the left leg, both pairs caused discomfort (the left not even fitting correctly due to the prosthesis).

    So I thought I'd try zipped police style boots. I contacted Gladstone Boots enquiring about a pair of side zip Swat Originals asking for a bit of cheeky discount. Bob Gladstone's reply was a free pair of boots delivered the very next day. They are superb and really comfortable ... as the label says; training shoe comfort combined with tactical performance. They might not be ideal for you full time warriors, but for a spacker cadet instructor they are fine and dandy!

    And Bob Gladstone is a true gent and patriot!
  5. A couple of our grown-ups got these off some septic site, and swear by them, though they have yet to see anything more harsh than a puddle. Cost was around £20 I think, which makes you wonder about their longevity.
  6. As an ex Millets Manager. you can get these at your local millets. But I would suggest avoiding them (unless your an ACF SI)

    The zip dosn't worry about mud as it is a large tooth zip.
    If "when you first get them you do up the zip, then tie them as regular boots just how you like them, and then leave the laces alone, just using the side zip to get in and out" then they work fine. slight problem with a non waterproof zip, but great for police or RLC people.

    I found that alot of people insisted on trying to keep using the laces and the presure always broke the zip. we had litraly hundrads back. I personaly would never wear them in the feild.
  7. I'm sure I've seen a zip thing that you can lace into your issue boots thus giving them a zip down the front. It might even have an NSN.
  8. Aye me too, had them issued by a few companies Ive worked for. Not bad for cutting about the deck and quick changes. Absolutely she-ite for working the drill floor though, most crews ive been in fcuk them off for wellies.

    So the thought of wearing them on a 3 week exercise doesnt appeal to me at all. get a decent set of pro-boots. IMHO they are a good all rounder for tabbing, exercise etc although they get a bit hot in the summer.

    Plus they look half decent compared to them zippy boots.
  9. Well I suppose if your far enough back to get to kip with your boots off then you would have time to lace them up properly rather than using zips which make you look like an arthritic granny.

    Disclaimer > Polar69 is so far back he has to send his laundry forward <
  10. Less of the waltish feller ... some of us need them (see my post above). Call me a walt and I'll be across there and beat you about the head with my spare leg ... :twisted:
  11. Less of the waltish feller ... some of us need them (see my post above). Call me a walt and I'll be across there and beat you about the head with my spare leg ... :twisted:[/quote]

    Much respect !!!!!
  12. Haha! :p
  13. Well I'm outraged I think thegiantorange should make a donation to k13eod's favourite charity to absolve his guilt :D
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    Seen these too, looks something like this.......

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