Side Upgrade Changes

Gallery is currently down while I sort some odds and sods out

Chat currently down

Classified ads module removed as almost unused

Diary module not re-installed yet.

Other than that all should be more or less OK

PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY PROBLEMS. This morning's upgrade was a major change to the way ARRSE works so there will inevitably be something to tidy up.
Back up to the top in case it was missed......I've stopped hitting the monitor, and I've taken the time I would have been in chat and put it to good use scrapping the tipp-ex off the screen......

Beebs :D


Dale the snail said:
I bet Biscuits is having a hissy fit because he can't get into chat and be polite.

Hey Slug, I just hate it when we spend time apart.


Laikewaise Old Chap, laikewaise.

I notice when I mentioned 'plain looking wimmin', that Poopy was pretty sharp on the case. Just goes to show you I suppose.