Side Hats

Does anyone know if the Royal Corps still advocates the use of Side Hats (aka the Coloured Field Service Cap) with Barrack Dress and Mess Dress?

I've not seen them for a while and recently found mine gathering dust.


Not sure, but at a guess... No.

Not seen one at anyrate in nigh 13 years at anyrate.
Not sure, but at a guess... No.

Not seen one at anyrate in nigh 13 years at anyrate.
On a liaison visit from Boddington (14 Sig Regt at that time) to the Navy 'one' in Whitehall' for a week a pal loaned me a side hat. I think it was an officers one with gold pipeing.

Felt smart as all get out. Marching down the corridors of power a Lt Col going in to his office turned and said to me, 'I say Cpl, you look rather smart'

Good kit , I thought; but that was 1968.

(delay in posting now, as my siamese cat has just jumped off my PC and put it's back foot in my glass of wine)
The CO's dvr at Harrogate used to wear one as did a Tfc Offr, who later went on to become my Sqn Cdr, and incidentally probably the best one, at 252 in JHQ. I seem to remember the bandies used to wear them on occasion too.
smoojalooge - I will see if I can dig out a pic of a SNCO in the Middlesex Yeomanry wearing one. Being a unit who always 'do their own thing and f*** the rest of the army' I can remember c*nt caps being worn within the last couple of years, by the rebelious few. Also acknowledge it is an HQ thing.


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Side hats are for Tawts

Full stop
There is a Royal Signals Side Hat (Officers Variant) for sale on e-bay at the moment !

It has only got a couple of hours to go - so be quick if you want a look at it.
Still got mine. Fun used to be to see at how jaunty an angle one could wear it! Sad I know!
Haven't seen one since being interviewed by a Major in the Queens during a fam visit in late eighties.

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