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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by forniup, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. A friend is looking to buy a R SIGNALS side hat. Anyone know where I can get one? Or have one they don't want? Size 58/59

  2. Is he on purple ops with the RAF ? I didnt know RSigs had any **** caps
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have my Grandfather's that he wore in Palestine in 1946.

    You can't have it.
  4. Is it a TA embellishment?

    I've never seen a R SIGS officer wearing a RAF **** indicator before.
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  5. Wait until the 17th of Jan, there'll be loads of Royal Signals kit on eBay.
  6. forniup does your "mate" need a pipe, fishermans jersey, leather jerkin and a pair of overboots as well ?
  7. Why, has the Corps booked a CFT en masse?
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  8. Still a legit part of dress regs worn with mess kit. At least it was & I used to wear one up until I left in 2006.
  9. .
    Mess Dress - you sure, I don't recall any head dress for mess kit!

    The side cap fell from favour in prefrence to the beret, as far as I'm aware some officers still wore it with Barrack Dress; as Barrack Dress effectively disappeared with combat 95, I don't see why the chip bag remains for any Army units - not withstanding the glengarry for our northern brethren.
  10. R Signals dress regs used to state that head dress (for non funny-coloured hat people) was No1 Dress hat or side hat. This was pretty useful if attending a mess dinner which included being outside, e.g. if there was a Beating Retreat as then one had a small flat package to pack rathert than a hat box!
  11. Thanks for the replys.

    Polar 69 - Not on purple ops and I'm sure the other stuff is scourced easily enough. My "mate" is in fact a mate and not me!
    Ravers - Great to know, thanks
    Badger Heed - Its for a regular friend of mine so not a TA embelishment.

    It's for a friend who has recently gained an LE and whiched to cut a dash around camp in barrack dress and stupid hat. I'm sure he will look awesome!

    So, anyone got one for sale?
  12. Fornuip, at my last post our 'leader' (heavy sarcasm!!) wore one (and he looked a complete t**t - which was strangely appropriate). When he was replaced by a more senior officer, who happened to be the current head of the Corps dress committee, he was told in ones of one sylable that the side cap was no longer to be worn (out with the Ark or similar) so I wouldnt advise it for your mate!
  13. I only ever saw one of them once in my time in the corps, whilst at Harrogate, our Sqn clerk wore one, not a good look. Think he was made to do it as there were all sorts of funny headdress worn by the perm staff, something to do with demonstrating the variety of the corps, if you had been attached, on an rld etc, you wore that type of cap, colour beret etc.

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