Side Effects of Miltary Life

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Daddy, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. We all know that Militarty life, especially in the Army, is a tough life. There are many side effects, physically and mentally, but I wonder if one has been overlooked - Tourettes Syndrome.

    We take the young from society and train them to do the unthinkable so that we and our friends can live in peace. We also end up with people that can't string a sentence together without at least three or four obsenities. Most weren't like this when they joined, so can this be attributed to the training and by assosiation with already serving members who have developed this disorder?

    How many of you have been reprimanded by friends and family for your bad language when you are on leave? How many TA soldiers find themselves under scrutiny by partners and children when they return from camp?
  2. Good point. I work in an environment that is decidedly male and hence the day to day language gets a bit fruity. Some time ago we had to write into work contracts for female staff that they may hear offensive language in and around the workplace. I doubt we could get away with that now. But I do get the occasional bokkoling at home, when I let the odd profanity slip in front of the vicar or my maiden Aunt.
  3. Its harder in the TA. Going back to work on Monday when you have only got back from two week annuel camp on the Sunday can lead to he odd interview without coffee.

    Treating a bunch of nursing students like you do your section mong never goes down well.
  4. Worked for me... is there any other way to treat them?
  5. I blame lurking on Arrse for the predominance of the nose-dive in my language.
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Ahem - fcuk me are you on the money there - ahem.....

    Also makes me realise what a bunch of cnuts I associate with on a daily basis, very inappropriate in the diplomatic community :thumbdown:
  7. Really must agree on the language thing. I swear like a docker, and I never used to.

    The reason why I'm with my missus is that she interviewed me for a job. She was fit and her language was FILTHY. We got on like a house on fire, getting married and our first child was born 3 months ago, and the little sh!t is fcuking gorgeous. I defy any cnut to say fcuking otherwise.
  8. and when you're not swearing , you;re abbreviating everything so nay body can understand anyway!

    most conversations i have with my husband include the words "what does thats stand for again?" repeated several times over..! :frustrated:
  9. and when you're not swearing , you;re abbreviating everything so nay body can understand anyway!

    most conversations i have with my husband include the words "what does thats stand for again?" more than once..! :frustrated:
  10. rubbish computer..!
  11. I've ended up with a split personality:
    Work jim and home jim
    Work jim is rude swears alot and drinks to much
    Home jim is nice and caring and looks after my family

    Personally I prefer work jim!!
  12. I work in an all male environment (apart from the boss) so the sweary bit is overlooked mainly; however the boss wasn't to impressed one day when I was working on a GIS Map programme which crashed to the tune of 'F*cken f*ck, the f*cken c*nt's f*cken f*cked!!!!!' and the meeting she was chairing had just come to an end.

    Also being straight with people who are unused to it has lead to several complaints.

    Thank god you can't get sacked from the NHS...
  13. No kidding. We had a meeting last week attended by my Polish boss (who's used to be by now), a visiting Septic, a HK Chinese and a Russian. I started getting more irate, and finally said "but those f*cking twats upstairs don't even care!" at which point the said Chink gave me a funny look, Polish boss frowned, Septic beamed and yours truly went a bit red, made his excuses and left hurriedly.
    Sadly, I've picked up Russian swearing off the missus (who then says "oy, who did you get that from?") and tend to drop that into sentences now. It's not the done thing in Russia to use that in front of women, or your boss, and I have almost come adrift on a number of occasions at work with that.
  14. Only a bad workman blames his tool or a wife blames her husband.
    Same difference I think.
  15. and only dull people use tired cliches ...