Side arms in the Desert

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Seen alot of lads carrying sidearms aswell as an SA80 in the desert,is this optional or SOP for certain members of a section ? . Is the leg holster issue or a private purchase ?
  2. Both Telic one and four my unit all had pistols as well as rifles. The holsters we were issued were the same as the ones issued to the MOD Plod, black fabric ones that could be worn on the hip or the leg. Personally I found these to be pretty gash as the catch on the closing flap was a bit fiddly and kept getting caught on things so I carried my pistol inside the holster in my assault vest. In an ideal world, all vehicle born troops should be armed with both.
  3. Same for me working on helli's on telic. Carry both. The holster i got issued was gash to say the least so i invested in a viper holster and got it customised, it was bob on afterwards.
  4. Policy came out a few months back stating that pers are not to wear the 'drop-leg' holsters on ops and that only issued holsters are to be worn.
    To be honest, I wore a drop leg holster on HERRICK as when you are sat in a veh, wearing body armour and combat vest, it is near on impossible to access your sidearm if you use the issued belt holster.

    Also looks really ally as well......
  5. Mine was VIPER too
  6. 3 Para had them on Herrick 4 though many were taken off us to give to the REMF's in Bastion as they were fed up of carrying their rifles around with them everywhere they went.
  7. our gpmg gunners and snipers had them, saved carrying round the gpmg lol... we had blackhawk droplegs very good bits of kit.
  8. Funnily enough similar thing happened to us on Telic 1, a loggy Lt Col pished off that he and his other orriface chums had to carry rifles everywhere with them tried telling my platoon commander that we should not have pistols as we had no need for them and that we wasnt correctly trained :? He was told to fcuk off in the most politely possible way by our OC when he got wind of it.
  9. I saw a photo of a Guards platoon in the paper over the weekend. One of them was wearing a drop leg. The intensity of (infantry) operations on Herrick must dictate that a backup weapon (other then a bayonet) is available.

    Suprised and a little shocked by your statement Falls, I would not be happy.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We used to carry pistols as it's bloody awkward logging a rifle around under a Tornado jet & just used a sort of belt order (gas mask,water bottle & holster.)
    I managed to scrounge a aircrew shoulder holster which was a lot better.Still have it somewhere.
    If you come across any Nimrod or Herky & you ask nicely,you might be able to get one.
  11. our drivers + commanders have them

    1 or 2 dismount commanders with one aswell
  12. Just wondering, how many are being issued the Sig-Sauer P226 instead of the Browning?
  13. The reason FSJ gives for losing his pistols may be right (I wasn't there); alternatively could it be that some Bastion-based troops were more vehicle bound (not WMIK) and could not, therefore, use long barrelled weapons to full effect?
  14. no sig's in our armoury out there

    all browning... 2 or 3 brand new brownings aswell
  15. All Sigs in my unit, we got them in April!