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  1. I have been curious for a while whether or not we are trained to use a side-arm/pistol but all the weapons training i have read about is the SA80 rifle which is obviously the British army's main firearm.
    And come to think of it i have never noticed (from what i can remember) seeing a british soldier with a sidearm holster, but i assumed all soldiers carried one...
    So do we get trained to use one or not?
  2. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Not in Ph1 training you don't.
  3. Only if the jobrequires you to be trained

    For example we would get pistol training during Northern Ireland training as you might have to drive a civilian vehicle,also I had a side arm in Bosnia when I had to do Weapon Site Inspections
  4. I was also wondering the same thing - I saw a mention of it on the ARRSE Wiki, but couldn't find any more information.

    I was under the impression that officers may have carried them, but from what I've seen, everyone uses the SA80.

    I think even tank crews use a shortened version of the SA80 as opposed to a pistol - is that correct?
  5. Thanks for that mate.
    I thought everyone would be trained though...what if your SA80 gets jammed or something? Are you expected to use a knife?
  6. You are expected to use anything that keeps you alive, but seriously stoppage drills take seconds.
  7. What makes you think you'll have a side arm ? It definitely depends what exactly you will be doing. Like in any competent militaries, if your tasks requires side arm, you will be trained. If not, you won't.

    While never a Brit Army service member, I can tell you, stop dreaming about pistol shooting. You'll be fcucked if you have to rely on pistol and opposition has assault rifles.

    Spend your time to be proficient to be with assault rifle in service and maybe one day you'll get into units where they actually have good use for pistols.

    End of sermon and apology for forum about talking without never being in UK military.
  8. :wink: Yeh can only agree with the last post,
    Dreaming of pistols or sniper rifles and all that gaff is for folk who play computer games.
    Real combat requires "real" weapons and trust me as long as it takes the nasties down I wouldnt give a toss what it is, Try that with your 9 mil pea shooter from 10 feet against body armour or some shithead exiting a vehicle and you can expect to go home rather early.
  9. Normally, you only have a rifle; British military doctrine has us engaging the enemy at an ideal range of 200-300m, at which range your pistol is merely a crow-scarer. We teach stoppage drills to clear the rifle if it stops, and we issue a bayonet for if you get really close. Issuing everyone a second weapon is a drain on the logistics train; different ammunition, different spares, more armourers required etc. Pistols are expensive to buy, and require training to become proficient with. There are times or roles for which or for whom pistols are necessary; for most people they are not; it's just twice as much weapon cleaning afterwards.

    If you join the RMP, then you'll be pistol trained and routinely armed with one. Otherwise it'll depend upon your task. It certainly won't happen in Phase 1.
  10. I'm in the RN but will add that pistol training isn't given to everyone. I'm pistol trained as I (supposedly) needed it in a previous draft but never needed to draw a pistol from the armoury and only fired it on the ranges. The QM onboard (the gangway sentry) is issued with a rifle normally.
  11. only time i had pistol training was for telic, as some were required to carry them aswell as rifles.
  12. What corps get 'em?
  13. The military police are routinely armed with pistols. Infantry will be trained if required (the Royal Marines now trains all officers and I think ORs on the SIG P226 and P229A2 as standard). It is mostly dictated by task, and training is provided at the last minute. The SIG, after all, was an UOR and so we don't have many sat around in the UK to train people with.
  14. I believe every Corps and Regiment has them, apart from Chaplaincy (even this is a perhaps).
  15. i trained on the browning hi power

    personally i dont see the fascination with them

    only plus point was if you were issued one you could carry it down to the village in the cob, instead of lugging a rifle about