Side arm/ 2nd weapon?

If this has been asked before, please point me in the right direction, i couldnt find it :)
Why do only officers get a pistol?
And then privates, ect. get just a rifle?

Wouldnt we benefit from a backup weapon, if we were trained properley. Not any of that, shooting yourself please. If you know how to handle it properley, it wont happen :roll: lol

If you ever need a secondary weapon you will get one. Many officers carry rifles and many OR's/NCO's carry pistols. It all depends on your role


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The right direction? try the door marked 'exit'


I had a second wpn, ie a pistol so did most of our drivers, no officers had pistols as they normaly shoot themselves. I had one because I was a disptach rider. Where you got yr info about yr question you need to question the source. As it is total bollocks and really outdated school of the thought more Black Adder than the real world. Sorry to go off on one but it I am getting really miffed about bone questions from tosh sources appearing on this website. regards JJ
Greg, put down the f ucking commando comics and stop masturbating about kung fu and guns you bell end.

All soldiers carry a racing spoon and this is the only side arm you will need.
I think all officers should be able to buy there own service pistols like they did during WW1. Taking on the taliban with a .455 webley how ally would that be!
being in the armys not as good as playing Half-Life.
you dont get at carry as many guns.
Not always needed. Most people will never get within 20m of a breathing enemy and not be able to use their rifle. Other ranks do get them sometimes; RMP for example. Those who need them.

It's another thing to clean whenever you take it out, it requires different ammunition, different spares; it's an unnecessary strain on logistics for everyone to have one.

For officers who have to engage with the local population, a pistol is a status symbol; a young bloke in his twenties needs all the help he can get being a diplomat in a culture that revers age and experience.

You carry the weapon you need for your job. You haven't started a thread about how you want to carry a Javelin around as well, have you? You want a pistol purely because it's very James Bond and makes good photos for everyone back home. With SIGs and ancils being in short supply because it was a UOR, that isn't really a good reason, is it?
I just asked a simple question, which wanted a simple answer thanks :p

But i was speaking to Soilders who were at the recruitment office, and there was a magazine, detailing all the kit you would have. So we went through this and we were discussing what would act be given, and he said a pistol was only for officers, but i wanted to be sure, so id ask people who knew :)

Thanks to the people who gave genuine answers


btw, Shortfuse, Whats a racing spoon? lol
I had a pistol once an i wasn't an officer


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But I had pretty ear defenders


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All our Unit is or has been pistol trained (Sig), in fact i did APWT on it last week.
And we are not a teeth arm unit. I dont like saying frontline as there is no such thing anymore.
Take no notice of the Careers Office Sgt, when he leaves and go back to his working Unit, he will get updated on the fact that ANYONE can get in a situation that demands a pistol.
I'm a Crab NCO currently on Telic, and they have even given me a pistol (Browning not this fancy Sig thing). My rifle is in the armoury and the pistol on my belt. Looking around the place, probably 60% of the personnel in the area are carrying pistols and not rifles.


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I made my own Tazer! Albeit a length of 125/3 phase attached to a genny.


Infiltrator said:
Looking around the place, probably 60% of the personnel in the area are carrying pistols and not rifles.

Crabs dont have long enough limbs to carry a rifle, so they are issued with water pistols. At least you'll never run out of ammo :wink:

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