Sicko Cuts Mom In Half

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Manitoba mom cut in half for groundbreaking surgery | News

    The "doctor" had been practising on dead people, cutting them up and re-arranging their innards - thought he could help - whatever possessed him to think this would actually be a 'good thing' to try..[ though it turns out to be just that - but GROSS! ]

    glad he saved her life but????
    who wakes up one morning and says to himself.. what if I chop someone up move this bone over here and that one there and then..

    and they let him become a doctor??
  2. Experimental sugery. She's still alive 3 years later, what her quality of life is and with hindsight would she have the surgery again. These are questions I would like to hear her answer. Has the surgery been performed since on other people, with a better prognosis. The surgeon had to start somewhere and it worked.
  3. But what?

    He saved her life. He had the balls to conceive and do what you're too much of a squeamish pussy to even think about. I don't imagine it exactly repels women when he tells the story in bars. :)
  4. So the bonecutter had been practicing on cadavers, what else would you like them to practice on? pigs? the sunday roast? 'Operation'? I know your post was probably a windup, but that's pretty much how medical progress is made! Can you imagine what people thought when Barnard said 'So his ticker is giving out. I know, let's part freeze him, open is chest up, cut his heart out, sew in this other recently deadish one and see what happens'.......
  5. Imagine the Army response to a feat like that; 'Smartarse! OK, Frankenstein, now do it lengthwise, only faster this time.'

    Seriously though - brave people, good luck to them.
  6. It's not as if the husband did it on their kitchen table is it?
  7. ............

  8. The title of this thread would lead one to assume that some sociopathic monster had committed an unspeakable crime. Why would you deem a pioneering surgeon, who is obviously at the top of his game, a 'sicko'?
  9. Simples: because the rest of us are nursing unworldly fantasies about what he might be doing with the bits he cut off?
  10. 'Unworldly'?

    Unearthly, more likely!
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Quite. The only sicko is the OP.
  12. I can't see some of the responses but my response was specifically tailored to the NAAFI bar.

    A lot of medical science is a 'bit' sick. I can't say I enjoy the thought of ANY sort of surgery. Nor a colonoscopy. But someone has to do it.
  13. Burn him, stone him, throw him to the wolverines! (giggles insanely)
  14. Now look what you've made me go and do. Not only are may under-crackers now sporting a sticky map of a large continent, but my wife is lying on the kitchen table in various states of undress with part of her pelvis attached to her shoulders.