Sickness when running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ISeeTheLight, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I'm starting my basic training on 1st June, and I've been (like anyone should) keeping and improving my fitness before i start.
    But recently I've been sick whist running, last Wednesday i did a Bergen run for 9.4 miles, i stopped at my half way point to take on water, after a few minutes or so, i puked up at the side of the road in the bush's.
    Then once again on the way back at around 8 mile mark i puked again, i stopped and took on some water, and carried on.
    Then yesterday i did the same route, left at the same time, and around 4 miles i puked once again.
    and finally today i did a 7 mile run with my uncle and but this time, i wasn't sick, i felt as if i was going to, but i carried on.

    I am after some sort of advice on what the problem could be, Dehydration? or something to do with the heat?

    Any input to a cause, or relief would be thankfully received

    Thanks, ISeeTheLight

    I would also like to add, in case any points out, that i may not be fit, its not that, I've been doing long runs for many months now,but recently this has happened
  2. Don't keep running past the sewage processing plant.
  3. if only :oops:
  4. Could you be preggers?
  5. Preggers?, please enlighten :( :D
  6. That has to be a waaahh?!?!
  7. :oops:

    By pregger, i was thinking he meant, pregnant but wasn't too sure.
    if it is, I'm Male

  8. Thanks Mr.Deputy, I've always made sure I'm hydrated before i run, and i think i should start watching what i eat, normally i don't think about it, as i can eat anything and i normally don't put on wait :eek:
    Many thanks
  9. Nope, :?
    I'm callum ******
  10. [/quote]


    Callum mate,

    Are you running so hard that you are blowing out of your arrse? If so, you're just unfit mate. Try easing off for a while.

    Don't stuff your face with shite prior to running and keep up the water intake.

    And wtf are you doing running around with bergans on? You trying to get an injury before you even join?

    Let the army build up your stamina and tabbing strength mucker - properly!


    Its not that I'm unfit, I'm running my mile and a half in 9.32 (my best so far) and i'm running 7 miles in 1 hour 3 minutes (today)

    I'm baffled, :oops:

    Yea, afew of my mates have noted that to me, i'm trying to build up muscle in my collerbone area, having breaking it this time last year just before a selection date was given, and i was adviced to do a bergan run once a week, any other ideas?
  11. Your going to die
  12. Drink little & often, camelbac has saved my life!
  13. I had a similar thing with rugby training. i found that cold water, drunk in big gulps made me puke up wen i resumed running, at decent pace (But with no pack). Try sipping water, or, as strange as it sounds, hold water in your mouth as a big sip , obv. breathing through your nose. it may be due to the blood rushing to your stomach to digest food/ liquid there. :mad:

  14. :cry: 8O