Sickness Absence Management (SAM)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by zom757, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. I was placed on this last Nov to help me recover from a serious op I had a couple of months before. Being a switched on AGC bod (not many of us I know :) ) I got all the paperwork myself and handed it to the med centre for them to fill in. I went back to see them last week cos I've had no contact with the unit since I've been off although I have been going in myself at least once a week cos my Mrs still works there. The med centre have got me down on their computers as being on SAM but it looks like nothing else has been done. When I mentioned this to the doc he just asked me if I could chase it up myself!

    The thing is, where do I go from here? Is anyone here on SAM? Is it worth me ringing the SAM Team myself although I don't really want to drop the med centre in it cos they've looked after me really well since I've been ill. I just feel like I'm in limbo at the moment.
  2. Sickness Absence Management is not a Medical Centre responsibility. It is a G1 responsibility, that is to say, your unit should be following this up, not the Medical Centre.

    I suggest that you contact your unit AND the local SAM team and discuss it directly with them. Routine visits should be undertaken by the unit and medical appointments should take place, which are organised via the SAM system, not the Medical Centre.

    If you need more specific advice PM me.
  3. Surley the Medical Centre have a responsibility to "officially" notify the unit in writing? If the unit receive something then they have no reason to "fail" your patient, they should act accordingly and process via the relevant MCM Div.

  4. I would assume that, as the Medical Centre had the forms, annotated records as SAM etc. that they would have forwarded the necessary paperwork to the unit too!

    Obviously the Units need to be informed! (Unless anyone has the NSN for a Crystal Ball?)
  5. Well, another twist in the tail! No paperwork has been submitted so I spoke to the SAM Team for my area a couple of weeks ago and they said they would chase it up. Rang back today cos I had heard nothing still and was told to ring my unit and speak to the docs. I managed to get in and see the doc today and he told me that as far as he was concerned my case was not one for SAM and I should not have been off for the past 3 months! I've had regular contact with the docs since I've been off and no-one has ever said anything to me, the PMO even asked me to sort out the paperwork myself after my last visit! As no paperwork has been filed (nor is it going to be now) my posting (which should have been cancelled) is still active and I'm supposed to start there in less than 2 weeks time. They admitted that a big mistake had been made in the way my case has been handled but basically, tough!

    I've still not fully recovered from the operation I had last year and I'm not impressed with the treatment I've had. Where can I go from here? Do I have any cause for re-dress or something like that with regards to getting my posting deferred? Not a very happy bunny at the moment :(
  6. I'm wondering whether this may get a better response on the AGC forum..moderator?? somone in the this persons CoC (SPS Branch) and Medical staff really need to switch on and take their heads out of the sand and hold their hands up. Maybe even SSAFA may be able to help?? How can someone be on the "SAM" and not be on the "SAM"?

  7. Has anyone got a copy of DGAMS Policy Letter 58/02 (rev Nov 05) they can send me or point me in the right direction?