Why is it all sickies get tanished with the same brush?
I mean you have sickies that are genarally sick but get treated the same way as those that are bluffing, You can usually tell when someone is bluffing, i.e Limp on different legs etc. Can you imagine if half these bluffers lived on civ div, I bet there would´nt be that many on the sick then. You know, Cos they know if they don´t work will mean no money, Apart from sick pay if they are lucky, I think the army should adopt the same policy.
Anyone else think the same? 8)


Obviously being sick through alcohol is OK though, and to be promoted where possible.  Particularly good form for junior offrs to miss entire weeks through alcohol poisoning.


Yeah but sir you can´t bluff alchol poisoning and thats allowed, as long as you can get up in the morning and do your job its fine by me. 8)
The reason why they are off for weeks at a time is not because of alchol posioning.  it is the bruising, black eyes, missing limbs they aquire in the officers mess during your "RUGBY GAMES".  Any they say initiations are dead.  


Nowadays, you can't call them 'Sickies' for legal and EO etc!! They are referred to as ' physically unfit personnel'
I concur with what is said about 'Bluffers' (everyone has done it in some shape or form.......don't deny it)
As for the point about Civ-Div  -  You can take up to 7 days personal/voluntary sick without seeing a GP or losing wages.
Imagine that in the Army!!?? Comedy value of 100!!
'Right Gents, we need to take this posn, it will be of an advantage to us in the battle of the unwell.  Pte X, Take out that bunker!'
'Sorry Sir, i am unfit to handle weapons with my sore thumb.'
'Come here, let me give you a hug....there there, all better, now stay back and answer my phone and DONT forget my chicken Baguette.'
But the bluffers are among us....(Twilight zone tune)


You should have put this thread in the RAMC forum, keeps the boss off our backs - and i bet you would get some bitter replys  !!  ;)


All sickies should be shot on parade in front the the battalion to dissuade others from being weak.

To be slightly more serious there is a real danger of the Army Medical Service completely missing the point about people gong sick. My unit has recently begun to suffer from a small number of soldiers who have sussed out a way of getting the AMS to work for them when they don't want to come back from leave. All they do is apply for a pyschiatric appointment and claim that stress is preventing them from being fit to work. Now, while I freely understand that there may be some genuine cases the vast majority of these soldiers are the weak, spineless little turds that are just trying to buck the system - and the system is letting them do it.

The other problem associated with sickies is the ridiculous amount of time off that soldiers are being given - some examples:

1. Soldier has a fight in a pub and gets his nose broken and concussion. Has a week in hospital, is discharged on a Friday and has an appointment to see the RMO on Monday morning. Soldier goes on the piss all weekend then turns up to see the RMO and is given a week sick at home leave!!!! What is that all about?

2. Soldier goes sick for frost nip in his feet after being on exercise. Medics give him 3 weeks light duties only and encourage the rest of the company to do the same!!!

The AMS need to realise that they are the ARMY medical service and not some bunch of civvie wimps - yes treat genuine cases and yes be sympathetic (if you must), but remember that it is soldiers that we are trying to train and that they need to be tough not weak.


War Hero
The comments on sick pay are correct if you work in public sector. You keep your full pay for i think it was 3 months then you drop to 50% pay.
In private sector you don't get payed for first 3 days then you get statuatory sick pay about £55 a week and you keep on that whilst you are certified sick.


Nurse, It is actually 6 months full pay then 6 months half pay, have over 5 years Service is 1 year full pay!!!! ;D ;D ;D What price being a 'Bin Man'!!
The armed forces are traditionaly unsympathetic towards sickness, except for the Medics, who actually like squaddies to be sick. This leads to a certain conflict of interest.

Maybe, when the rank and file report to the Doc/Nurse a WO2 or RSM could be present, and should the ailment look a bit iffy the Doc/Nurse could be ordered to take over the squaddies duties until they are fit.

That Colonel in 'Bridge Over the River Quai' knew how to motivate sick troops and deal with Medics. Maybe the Army could run a course.

By iffy I mean something like alcohol induced migraine.

Perhaps we could construct a list of dubious ailments....

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