Sickest Joke in The World

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blonde_guy, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. A woman is in hospital, and gives birth to a child. The doctor promptly snatches up the child and starts swinging it around his head by the umbilical cord.

    "You're killing my baby!" screams the woman

    By now the doctor is smacking the baby against the wall, and the mother is understandably hysterical....


    With a sickening crack the doctor smacks the baby on the floor, and hands it to the woman

    "YOU'VE KILLED IT" she screams. The doctor replies;

    "April fools day madam. You had a miscarriage"
  2. You are a horrible creature!!!!
  3. this belongs in the list of unbelievably sick jokes; there are several threads in the Naafi.
  4. That was poor, I fully expected to actually be sickened. You know that legally, this is known as false advertising.
  5. still funny though
  6. Buckethead,

    Is that you in the avatar?
  7. Be a bit strange to put a picture of someone else up...
  8. Hubba Hubba
  9. careful norfolk boy, she doesnt look like your normal type of scutter!
  10. Should I take that as a compliment?
  11. Post a proper size pic, in the gallery, so that we can pass judgement.
  12. I think so, and thanks for the vote of confidence Sparky!
  13. "Post a proper size pic, in the gallery, so that we can pass judgement."

    You might be mean :|