War Hero
Anybody see the banner headlines in THE SUN today?

Here we see a relaxed and smiling Blair, he is exuding an emotion...Phewwwwww!

He gathered his kids and told them, "This could cost me my job..."

Hold on a minute, is this the ******** that didn't get within 3000 miles of Iraq? He is worried about his job? He is now relaxed and smiling?

There are a few dozen fecking squaddies who aren't relaxed and smiling, who were killed and their families are now looking at a bill for funeral expenses, whose kids would like just to see their Dad again, let alone have him THERE and worried about his job.

This must be the worst taste headlines I've seen in a long time...wouldn't you know there was elections coming up?

I was staggered.

The Sun's "Hello-stylee" Blair story is garbage, full stop. "Oh the wonderful Mr. Blair, saviour of our nation"

What threat from Iraq did Mr. Blair save us from?

"I would have resigned if I didn't get the vote"

Now you bloody tell us.......

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