Sickening Youth.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stvwardy, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Quality! :D :D
  2. Looks nothing like Poppy..............she might be furry around the face, but she's got a German Helmet.
  3. i say the punishment should fit the crime, stuff the little sh'ite into the freezer/tumble/washer & see how he likes it !
  4. Todays scumbag ......... Tomorrow serial killer!
  6. "The teenager was one of several who were guests at the owner's house."

    Oh, to have been one of the other guests whilst this was taking place....

    "This was an act of senseless cruelty against a defenceless animal."

    Actually it seems pretty mild to me. If they want an example of senseless cruelty to a defenceless animal, all I ask is that the RSPCA pass me this scrotes details, and arrange a weekend where I can get up to Harrogate.

    I'll send a quick list of my requirements.

    I am pretty sure I can beat the current record of 1/2 an hour too.
  7. Castrate the barsteward to make sure he does not re-produce.
  8. People who commit acts of cruelty to humans are sadist, but people who commit acts of cruelty to the defenceless are sadists and cowards.

    It might be a nice distinction but in the case of an honest sadist, a quick bullet can do the job. The cowardly sadist should be made to suffer first.
  9. Put him on an I.V. drip of sulphuric acid, nail gun him in the shins, then lock him in a dark room and leave for a week.
  10. Here we go again.

    It's a hamster.

    Actually it's now a dead hamster.

    I still couldn't give a monkeys fcuk about it.
  11. You have never felt the wave of pleasure float through your body as you fasten a kitchen floor tile to your feet and stamp your way around a meerkat enclosure.

    Once you have then your opinion is valid. Until then you are merely an animal cruelty walt.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What ever happened to using the microwave? They don't explode is washing machines or fridges. The boy's got no imagination.
  13. Or the old classic childrens game of placing the hamster in it's see-through plastic ball and wellying it against the nearest wall.