Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by davetucker, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. hope ive put this link in ok,check out this video of these damm yankee cowboys thinking there big and clever,some how winning hearts and minds doesnt involve this id say.
  2. Obviously a pair of knobs in the truck.
    Somebody needs to find that kid and get him to run for GB in the future. He must qualify under the ropey AAA rules as he has been in the same country as a Brit and somehow I don't think he would like the yanks.
  3. Piss poor drills by the septics, but would we expect any better?
  4. Retards
    Hope they get busted
    Any septics in here able to pass thiss up the food chain??
  5. This reminds me of stories I had heard of before going to Kenya. One heats up a 50 shilling peace and throws it into the crowed of expectant young kids. Very funny…. until you are out there and the reality of the situation hits you like a tonne of bricks. These kids have nothing. I think it sad that all the hard and good work that is done out in Iraq is undermined by these idiots.
  6. Cant this be passed on to a higher authority?why does this never get reported or shown on national news?it was bad enough when the septics got photographed in abu gharab???prison humiliating the iraqis but to do this to kids is beyond belief. i bet you any money the twats were dads themselves but as there iraqi kids they dont matter do they.someone in a forum on myspace said "they pelt us with rocks so they get what they deserve"my reply was if thats how you treat them is it any wonder then,it makes me sick.
  7. Total fcuking disgrace!!

    Typical Septic Tw@ts
  8. Then they wonder why people call them hick redneck tw@ts.

    Fcuking Spams!
  9. Stop being a bunch of fecking treehuggers, this sort of thing has been done by brit troops from kenya to belize, the 'hot' penny the hexi block twixt two biscuits ab, or broken up into little squares like kendals mint cakes... its squaddie humour sick as it may be but its not just the spams that do this...oops I am sticking up for spams lordy what is my world coming too!!
  10. WTF? A £2 10s 0d piece now that would be something to see :D
  11. Fcuking halfwits.

    Can't believe we followed these fcukers into iraq.
  12. Half-wits. That's just cruel.
  13. On the other hand, a related video is a septic playing footy with some iraqi kids.

    Theres good people and theres bad people on every side... we just get to see the bad people more often.
  14. Kenyan 50 shilling, worth about 4.5p when I was last there and exactly the same size as an old UK 50p according to several arcade owners in Bournemouth.....................(Apparently!!)
  15. :oops: Coat for Stumpy!