Sick whilst on leave.

Can anyone help.

I am currently on POTL and also in between jobs. I have dislocated and broken my shoulder and I have 4 weeks of leave left. I have been to the NHS after returning from France, where the accident happened. They have basically palmed me off till next week.

Where do I stand in terms of getting some form of treatment through the military system. Should I go to a military medical centre near me.
If so how do I get their contact details.


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Find a barrack with a Med Center, roll on in. It's all under the same system after all. I did it once when I hurt myself fairly badly. No problems at all. Just got driven up to the unit, crawled in to their med cen and was sorted out with x-rays at the local hospital.
Same goes for medicine or subscriptions.

As to how to find one, check on the Army net Units page, should be details there I think.
Jerrycan2793 said:
where are you?
Up the Kaiber....................... :)

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