Sick Stories that have stunned…

Having read Pigshyt Freeman comment on the Susan Boyle thread, has reminded me of a story I heard recently and goes like this:

L/Cpl Jock MacTavish and Pte Malone (names changed to protect the innocent) were staging on and doing the midnight wander around camp bit, when young Malone say “what the fcuk some dirty B’stard has left a used johnny on the floor”. To which Jock replied how do yer know its fcukin used? “Well you can tell, you can see the spunk in it” says Malone. To which Jock challenges Malone’s assertion and asks “how do yer know its spunk?” Well you can can’t yer? says Malone, slightly worried by the direction the conversation is taking. When Jock reaches down, picks up the johnny and squeese the contents of it into this mouth and swallows it. Jock then declares casually “yep you’re right it was spunk“.

I have to say I was almost sick and I was hearing the story 3rd hand, courtesy of a Major in the Black Watch.

Having left the Army 17 years ago I’m not convinced that this has diluted my tolerance to the antics of squaddies, but this story is well over the line. What’s the general view out there?
Nothing clever about that...unless he could tell who's it was.

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