Sick perverted dream or excellent business opportunity

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrPVRd, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. I had a nice bit of cheese the other night (Edam - yum) before turning in.

    Through the mists of sleep, a vision began to emerge. I dreamt that I was on the internet (not ARRSE) and that I chanced upon an interesting website.

    This website was a Friends Reunited type thing, but instead of self-populated entries it was something completely different. The website consisted of entries detailing women by name, date of birth, location. I can only assume that it was a service targeted at the male population because the other details consisted of the sexual exploits of the subjects and where/doing what/when/who they'd been "bagged" by, as well as a Amazon type star rating out of 10. Of course, the operating principle was that their details would be submitted by past sexual partners for the perusal of the entire world.

    Now, was this merely a filthy perverted dream or in fact a genius business opportunity? Or was it both?

    In the latter case, I thought of it first!
  2. "Rate My" sites have existed for ages Here's an interesting one dedicated to the camels toe, what your talking about is starting a rate my site for people to post piccies on giving descriptions of how filthy the bird is. I think its an excellent idea and a badly needed resource.

    If your thinking of setting this up as a business, the domain is available here.

  3. It is a sick perverted excellent business opportunity.
  4. you nutter :p
  5. In my defence, I will state that my dream-self was moderatey disturbed by the phenomenon. And, no, I didn't wake up with a little "surprise" on the sheets.
  6. And of course it would be an excellent background check place for any future wife
  7. Although the sexual aspect of the plan is tip-top, maybe you could expand it to include other important qualities for a woman, e.g. "can successfully reverse a car" or "does not spend three hundred quid a month on shoes" or "makes a great apres-fcuk fry-up."

    Man can not live on poonani alone, after all.

  8. Suggest someone has already beaten you to it fella.

    Couple of muckers are sampling the goods over leave so I shall return with a report
  9. Since the general opinion is that this is a great idea but has been done. Why not alter the plan slightly? has a nice ring to it. I'm sure there would be plenty of women offering stories on there past/present fella's stamina/girth/perversions etc.