Sick of the tripe

Whilst thinking of the future fate of the infantry a few thoughts dawned on me...

1) In a Times article a while ago I saw a quote from CGS stating that only bluff old retired officers cared about the loss of some regiments. Thats not true, is it? Ask any serving Infantry officer (who hasn't become a weasily yes man) and he'll tell you so. People feel genuinley let down. The reason you don't hear from us is that we'd be in the sh*te if we spoke out. Who will be the first serving Major to speak openly to the press and counter what the top brass say? No-one, thats who.

2) Why are these things always so transparently biased? Why do the Gurkhas, Guards and Paras never have anything to fear? Why, when cuts happen, does it never happen to regiments with decent representation? KORBR last time had D Inf, the GH always have someone to fish them out etc. Now it looks like Line Infantry across the board are up for grabs, but once more the oddities look safe. Do we really need 3 Bns capable of parachuting? Do we boll*cks. And of course the main imperitive isn't to look after the poor bloody Line Infantry, its to ensure that the tourist board have alot of marching about for Americans to look at. Would CGS be happy to wear a Corps of Infantry berret?

3) We are our own worst enemies. Tour intervals shrink, training suffers, we cover strikes, we take blows to the regimental system and we just crack on.

4) They can prod it. "Loosing Bns is a good thing....Money on new kit...FRES..blah, blah, blah" My cap badge really matters to me. On ops in Iraq it really dawned on me just how much being a member of a British Infantry Regiment meant to me. I was attached to the Americans and my main motivation was to ensure that I never once let down my capbadge. If stuff got tasty I genuinley thought of the responsibility to my regiment's honour I had. Why should I give that up so that some shoddy replacement for Saxon can be pipe-dreamed about. It'll come in late, wrong and over budget anyway. At least boots on the ground don't come in late, over budget and under performing.

5) Frankly, if you are representing the Army and want to see the Infantry reduced in size and the regimental system butchered then you are not representing the army. If you have to swallow it, don't pretend you support it. Show some balls. Our soldiers do, regularly.
well put and i agree 100%. Perhaps someone needs to leak a winge to the press in return for 100% anonimity?

Couldn't agree more. I don't know how CGS (surely HE is a bluff old officer in his own bleedin' right?) can conceive the idea that a bunch of universally capbadge automatons a la' the US Army could possibly hold the same amount of dedication. I transferred into the Inf. from another unit, and I have worn my unit capbadge with pride and given it my all, so as not to let down the regiment. I have spoken to others and they agree.
STAB_in_the_dark said:
Couldn't agree more. I don't know how CGS (surely HE is a bluff old officer in his own bleedin' right?).
I suppose the best way of explaining to CGS how strongly the single-battalion regiments feel about their identity, is to tell him that he can't wear a maroon beret anymore. Nor can the Paras. Nope, it's old-fashioned, and costs too much for the extra material. Sorry, boss, it'll have to go. And then ask what his emotional, rather than intellectual, gut response was. (Always assuming you're still vertical and not horizontal).

Can't tell I'm from a single-battalion regiment (albeit the semi-professional wing), can you......
Rincewind said:
Perhaps someone needs to leak a winge to the press in return for 100% anonimity?
Why hasn't this already been done on a large scale? Has it been done on any scale at all?
Well put, all of you. To the poor sod on the deck the capbadge is his pride and to know that it is not thought much of in the top ecelons of the army is not good for morale. Maybe one day the brass will learn that they cannot wipe away a few hundred years of history at a whim even if it is to put the savings into a new bit of kit. Morale cannot be replaced with broken promises.


The Dutch special forces KCT (korps commando troepen) have also had to watch as their beloved green berets have been ripped off their heads and dished out throughout Dutch forces willy nilly and the blood and sweat of the men that won and wore the green beret with pride treated cheaply.
The destruction of the traditions and history of the British regiments is well underway and the European army is on the horizon. As for whinging, the louder the whinging the better I say. But whinging on it's own has never altered history. Action has.
Well said Sid.
Bedin, if you are sick of it hand your kit in and bail out , wittering gets us nowhere. Theres a war on and Blair is just about to have two ton of crap dumped into his lap as OP Telic turns sour. My bet is the Infantry reshuffle just isnt going to happen in the near future. There just aint enough of us around...
I was not in the Infantry, but ever since i joined up( a long time ago) i can't say i actually remember anyone saying i am off to join the inf, it was i'm off to join the black watch, argyles , staffords etc...!!
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