Sick of doing up HMMWV's for the Iraqis and fancy a 110 Defender from Witham.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Jimmy Juice, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. I don't think this as been done recently but if it has then my bad.

    Until recently I have spent my working life fixing many and varied trucks for Uncle Sam but now my other half has put her foot down and my time abroad must come to end. Of course I am happy that I won't be spending ninety hours a week in a desert arguing over who, out seventy odd people gets one of five creeper boards. But I do miss actually fixing up battered kit.

    Sooo I have been looking at Defender 110's on Used Landrovers - 110, MOD Sales, Military Vehicles & Ex MOD Land Rovers for Sale

    Does anybody have experience of buying from them, what are their prices like compared to the private market and what is the registration process to get them off military plates?

    But mainly, if I buy one then at the end of the day I want a few quid profit when it sells. So tips on suppliers of parts, problems to look for and all good advice thankfully recieved.
  2. JJ, you kuwait via TXM perchance?

    I may be heading out there myself soon, if you are was just wondering if you had any prep info you could advise on?
  3. What's your trade? I'm HMEM and usually work on HMMWV but last time out blagged a place working on HMMT just for a change really.

    TXM are pretty much the same as all the others. Millbrook is the new kid on the block and was on three notices for being naughty when i was there in May. That said they are still there employing a lot of guys and maybe have sorted there shit out. The bad news with TXM is they cut the pay bad this spring and that was really the last straw for me. But if your happy with the pay, or seeing it as a stepping stone to Afghanistan then crack on. TXM have always paid me on time and while all contractors are moaning bastards when it comes to the people who employ them TXM are actually ok.

    I have been to Kuwait three times now and will gladly help you with anything you want to know about accomodation, pay, Arifjan or anything really. Glad to help an Arrser.
  4. cheers mate, its late tonight I'll drop you a PM tomorrow :)
  5. Glad to be of service but still really looking for some insider info on Defenders. I keep looking at a picture of a Snatch and salivating, as you do...
  6. you poor bastard the sun's obviously fried what few braincells you have left:)
    Can't help with the land rover but I have experience with mental health and addiction issues both of which are appropriate if you start buying stuff from withams:)
  7. Oh heck, that bad hey? Any particular reason for them being so bad?
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    They're not bad. They just know the value of the stuff they have, so no massive bargains. But if you can fix up a dog you should be able to make a profit. I think its fairly easy to transfer onto a civvie plate and the Army should provide the paperwork that enables you to get an age-related one rather than a Q.
  9. I had noticed on their website that the direct sales ones were a bit richly priced. The condition isn't a problem, I would enjoy a project but it does have to make me a few quid at the end.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you intend to make a living from it there are about half a dozen rebuild specialists mainly operating from sheds knocking out refurbs ready to drive. the top end is customizing vehicles for the rozzers etc. You may want to start with a battered rebuild but the rozzers down here had a dark blue snatch on the road this week, I expect odd one offs could be a special market to get involved in!
  11. Make on offer if they don't take it walk away.
    To get plates you will be given a disposal chit, take this to the DVLA office. You can get a road tax disc at the same time if you have an MOT certificate. If you book an MOT you can drive without number plates and the MOT can be anywhere in the country. Check the rules again though as they may have changed.
    You can get an MOT on the chassis number if it's no registration plate, the DVLA will print you a new one when you get a registration number.
  12. Any links to millbrook?
  13. its a long slippery slope it starts with the odd landy next thing you know the other half is getting a tank transporter license to pick you and your 432 up from Brighton seafront.:)
    landrovers the gateway drug for military vehicle madness
  14. That's a fair point.