Sick of apologising for Slavery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Dunno about you lot, but I am getting Sick of the Govt, Local Councils, Tony Blair apologising for Slavery. ooh we whites are sooo bad and evil, lets self flagelate ourselves over something that has happened 100 years ago.
    I for one refuse to apologise, sure slavery was bad, we banned it throughout the Empire in the 1830s, when America (land of the Free) kept it til the 1860s AND it's still going on in Africa !
    those Blacks are indirectly benefitting from this as they are still living in this country instead of a dustbowl in Africa, they should be thankful for that, instead of going on about how bad it was their ancestors was enslaved "boo hoo ! Grandada suffered so I want compo for it"

    feck off, Hand wringing do gooding local authority twäts
    spending our council tax for this, the Liverpool council even considered changing some of the street names from notable slave owning citizens to those who fought against Slavery
  2. Commemorate those lost and cruelly treated, celebrate its end (one of the first countries in Europe to do so) and never forget. Financial reparations are irrelevant and only serve to dishonour and segregate the community and its heritage.
  3. they never remember that we were probably the first country to openly enforce the ban on slaving. The RN used to hunt down slavers while the Septics were still buying them up in the tens of thousands.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Are apologies also in train for Pressed men in the Navy and "bound" labourers and apprentices? We were pretty beastly to our own until quite recently.

    Are the slave descendants going to thank us for giving them a chance to better themselves, away from the s**t hole of West Africa?
  5. I seem to recall that we didn't actually enslave people. We bought slaves and transported them overseas.

    Surely the descendants of slaves should be suing the African nations?
  6. Personally I think the decedents of slaves should be thanking the Europeans for saving their ancestors from a life of dancing about in grass skirts and fighting tribal wars with pointy bits of fruit.

    These apologists should remember that Africa was trading in slaves long before we ever came across them and guess what… they’re still trading in slaves today, although no on the scale it once was.
  7. I would like to apologise for all the Rape my forefathers got up to on their booze cruses to England.

    there I feel a lot better and can now sleep at night but please don't take me to court because you're blond & blue eyed, as my dad and I have dark hair so you cant be one of the family.
  8. I think that if we are going to go down this line, then we should demand appologies from,

    1. The Scandinavian Nations for the kiddnaping and murder of many Britons.

    2. The Catholic Church for the inquasition (No Monty P jokes please)

    3. The French for, well, being cheese eating surrender monkeys
  9. Nothing quite like a broadsweeping stereotype for an entire continent, eh? :roll:
  10. If some fuckwit is going to make stupid demands over something that happened 100+ yrs ago then I’m going to make stupid comments :p
  11. Lets just issue a daily apology with an insert stupid reason box. That way anyone can receive an apology if they really want one.

    Or could we need a cash for apologies probe? Is someone receiving a backhander for this apology? Could a human rights lawyer be destined to make a lot of money after PM admits to Britain being liable? The Wide Mouthed Frog has probably got a month set aside in her diary already!
  12. It had nothing to do with me, so I’ve got nothing to apologise for, and no PC fuckwit has my permission to apologise on my behalf.

    Now I’m waiting for the African nations to apologise for selling the poor buggers in the first place. Could be a long wait, the silence is deafening!
  13. Did anyone keep the receipt?
    Is it too late to return them?
  14. Funny Goku, you don't usually need a reason :D

    Financial reparations are non-sensical when there is no benifit to the victims of the acts of the contemporary government. Not to mention a slippery slope. Should we ask the French to pay us reparations for the subjugation of the middle-English-speaking lower class in the post middle ages?
  15. Are you advocating a one-way air ticket as compensation?