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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. right, i was aeromed'd back to the uk from basra last week, after spending a week in the hospital in the COB

    i was at sellyoaks where they gave me a weeks sick leave, i went back to see a specialist and got the all clear.

    returned to my unit on thurs and got sent on a long weekend, and put on tuesdays flight

    Q i'm asking is... am i still entitled to my R+R ? techincally i should be entitled to a week... because i've only had a week away from theatre (even if it is sick leave)

    or would i still theoretically be entitled to the 2?

  2. Sick leave should be separate from R+R. You should still be entitiled to the full amount.
  3. Yes you should still be entitled to your R&R but just wait till you speak to your bosses once your back in theatre and settled back in. Keep your head down when you get back out.
  4. thanks.. i'll have to bring it up with the boss when i get there

    can see a few people being a bit miffed though if i do get it
  5. I had 3 months sick leave before returning to theatre - and was told to take my R&R (after being back 2 months) - got the 2 weeks as it's a seperate thing all together.