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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by itaylort, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, thought i would just scope opinion on sick leave over annual leave.
    I recently broke my ankle playing football during an organsed pt session and after the op went on to sick leave for about 4 months. During this period od sick leave my regiment went ontoblock leave.
    When i returned to work i was amazed to find out that they had put an unsigned leave pass in for me covering the dates of the block leave period of 15 days which would come off my entitlement even tho i was on sick leave. This is said to be the policy as directed by our RAO staff.
    Surley this cannot be correct?

    many thanks for any support
  2. They cant do that mate.
  3. I didnt think they could, i s there any way it could be a new policy? The leave manual i have lokked in is 2000..

  4. I have good reason to believe, although I'm no shiny arrse, that 2000 is the most recent.
  5. Thats the copy available on ArmyNet so you would hope its current.
  6. ALM 2000 is the most recent - to be superseded by JSP 760 on JPA go live (19 Mar 07 (ISH)) although some partys of the JSP have already been taken into use eg up to 15 days unused leave will automatically be carried forward to the next leave year.

    Going back to the oiginal question - there is no way you can lose priv leave whilst on sick leave - the leave pass should be cancelled without question - it's not up to the RAO to make up the rules, this isn't even a grey area open to interpretation.

    If you don't get any joy PM me and I'll dig out chapter and verse if you need it.