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Right, what's all this Sickness Absence Management Policy all about? take it they binned the MAOCH and Y List in favour of this and now all responsibility for those sick on leave falls to the Unit (bet they are well chuffed!). Well, after all the press, is it working? me thinks not......cop-out.

ps digital poppy, wear with pride
SAM is working although the 'delivery' has been 'ad hoc' to say the least. MAOCHs are still in existence and should work in cooperation with units if they follow SAM correctly. It is a good process but not many people are educated in it, especially rear parties. It needs to be 'owned' by the Adjt and is a vast improvement to the Y List. If you have any questions about it then please get in touch...I have become a bit of an SME!
Having been sick at home myself, SAM is a much better system. There is nothing better than having a member of your own Regiment looking after your needs, instead of some crusty old officer who left the army well before I joined.
There is nothing worse than being posted away from your unit on to the Y list.
Even when I was deemed fit it, took 2 months for the Y list to sort out going back to my unit. And when I did get back they had lost all my Med Doc's and Pay Doc's the job lot. I wasn't even on UNICOM. (A bonus when it came to doing an 1157 check) I might as well have disappeared in to thin air! For all that they knew I could have been sunning myself on some beach, if not for the fact that I could only walk 10 meters.

Bitter, no not me!!!
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