Sick Dutch comedian

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Quicksand, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Gents,

    its just been brought to my attention from a dutch mate that this Dutch comedian was using the murder of Drummer Rigby in a pretty sick skit on his TV show on Saturday night.

    Personally I find this pretty sick and out of order.

    You can send him an email expresing your disgust here, you have to accept cookies but after that just go to contact paul.

    Langs de Leeuw: Dank voor het inzenden

    Just found this link as well, I know its the S(t)un but read it.

    Sick Dutch comedy TV sketch mocks Lee Rigby murder | The Sun |News
  2. Fair enough but seing as we have threads on things like 'St Skyscrapers day' I hardly think we have a position to bleat......
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  3. I wouldn't grant the odious little cnut the attention he is seeking mate. Can't imagine most Dutch types being too impressed with him either.....
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  4. Ever since someone on here used photoshop to turn a little scouse lad who'd just been mauled to death by his grandma's trophy mastiffs, into a cone-headed mutant, and then have a right old laff about it, I decided Arrse can't complain about anyone making tasteless jokes about anything.
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  5. On one hand your right but on the other, we are taking about the murder of a young lad that happend 3 days beforehand.
  6. Live by the sword die by the sword.

    On here there is nothing absolutely nothing that has not been lampooned or otherwise made the butt of jokes and humour.

    Any complaint we could make would be hypocrisy of the purest ray serene.

    Though please do send him an email or whatever, I am sure he appreciates the interest and will be able to get at least a couple of minutes of material out of the frothing outrage.
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  7. OP - get a grip. Like all media luvvies they just crave attention and people like you give it to them. As another poster pointed out, we here on Arrse can hardly complain about tasteless jokes as most seem to emanate from here. If you don't like it, don't view it, simple as that. Having done a battlefield tour in Holland in the early stages of basic, I can imagine that the Dutch people will show exactly what they think about these people without the need for trans-channel faux outrage.
  8. As 762 says with the kind of humour expressed in the NAAFI bar about all sorts of tragic events ARRSER's are hardly in a position to complain, if any subscriber to the NAAFI bar thread did feel offended by this Dutchman then I think they need to man up, grow a pair, stop being hypocritical and accept it as humour. Don't watch it and you'll not be offended.

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  9. Arrse isnt complaing, I'm complaining, and I dont agree with every thing that is said on here, as some of the stuff is a bit on the offside of things, but I dont have to comment on that, when something like the murder of young soldier is used to earn somebody more money, boost up Ad revenues and viewers on TV, then I will complain, as to St Skycrpers day, I dont see Arrse making any money out of that.

    What we discuss here on Arrse is between us, 90% of us have served and we all know which way the world revolves, but we dont make money from our comments our garner/curry flavour with TV Station owners or others to make ourselves more popular.
  10. He could always try making a joke about mohammed and see where that gets him.
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  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    That's a bit fast and loose, I'm willing to wager a wet that it isn't the case.
  12. You're having a giraffe...
  13. Been done by another Dutchman I think.
  14. Don't you see any adverts left and right of the threads then....?
  15. So ... your mate saw/heard the Cloggie answer to Frankie Boyle tell a joke he found offensive, he told you about it, and now you're telling me so that I can express my outrage?

    I seldom suffer real outrage about anything, I'm certainly not going to start outrage by proxy.
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