Sick Cop Had £265-A-Day Job

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. A PSNI constable who worked as a security guard in Iraq while 'on the sick' had told his doctor that he was going to Ulster holiday favourite Tenerife.

    Charles Metcalfe, 40, was given time off in early 2004 after he claimed to be suffering from stress and depression. However, instead of flying to the sun-drenched Atlantic island for some rest and relaxation, he travelled to an altogether different hotspot - Iraq - where he worked as a £265-a-day close protection officer with security firm Control Risks Group.

    At Downpatrick Crown Court yesterday, the Newtownardsbased officer pleaded guilty to two counts of false accounting. He was sentenced to 12 months in jail suspended for two years.

    A Crown QC said: "He was given a certificate for four weeks . . . later that afternoon, he in fact went to London as the first part of his journey on his way to Iraq."

    The court heard that Metcalfe had previously told colleagues that he had been thinking about resigning from the PSNI and going to Iraq.

    The 40-year-old was paid a total of £5,285 for just five weeks' work during March and April 2004.

    A defence solicitor said Metcalfe was under considerable private and domestic pressure at the time and had gone to Iraq in a bid to ease financial pressures.
  2. If he was in that much financial shite he should have joined the fire service!


  3. A plod doing CP work in Iraq? I'm surprised the * made it back alive.
  4. Ex RUC officers are highly sought after in Iraq. This "Plod" probably has many times more relevant experience and skills than you werewolf.
  5. If his criminal tendencies as now proven went with his experiences and skills, they are ones the PSNI can well do without.
  6. He commited the oldest crime in the book.......................he got caught!

    Tennerrife or Iraq,it´s up to him where he feels relaxed;A beach full of sunburnt whingeing Ulstermen,no thanks! :lol:
  7. I bow to his experiance and skill n ripping off the taxpayer.
  8. ^ No, really Werewolf, lets hear about all your nails combat experiences.
  9. Yes, that would be fun.

    I would be quite certain this "Plod" is far more experienced, capable and qualified.
  10. ******* hell, 5k for 5 weeks work! That's more than some people get in 3 months1
  11. Playas De La Americas can look a bit like Baghdad. Claret wise.
  12. OK, so this one went on holiday to Iraq. Who'd like to speculate how many other equally idle system-playing Pig-Eyed-Mick bluffers are just sitting at home or pottering around the golf course pretending to be a bit under the weather?

    What a fcuking bunch the RUC were - no reason to believe Mr Mandelson's Own will be any different!
  13. Dibble doing any work is a bit of a laugh.