Sick Baby joke, my fav pedo joke

Whats 18 inches, blue and makes a woman cry all night?

... Cot death

Not a huge fan of that joke, but its pretty sick as the thread requested.

Boyfriend and girlfriend are arguing. She Screams "We're breaking up"... "Why" He replies... "Cause youre such a pedophile".... He replies "Woah, thats a big word comming from a 10 year old"

I saw a pedophile skipping breakfast this morning, i was concerned at first but i saw him grab a little something on his way to work


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What is worse than a paedophile.?

A paedophile with a packet of Viagra.

What do paedophiles hand round after dinner.?

Under eights.
What do one in ten people not like. Gang rape.
Whats the worst thing about licking shaved pussy. putting the nappy back on afterwards.
Sorry but the last one is not internally consistent.

If the pussy is shaved then the owner wouldn't need a nappy (unless it is an incontinent or generally strange person) in which case the peado bit of the joke is not fulfilled.
If on the other hand the nappy wearer is a small child then the pussy is unlikely to require shaving.

2/10 Must try harder

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