Sick at home rules

Ok theres lots of lads going sick at home at my place and I (and the people above me that really should know) are not too sure of the relevant SAH rules.

Does a civvy sick note constitute an authority for absence from work?

How does the unfit to travel rule work?

Any advice would be welcomly received
You need to talk to your local MAO(CH). All the rules are about to change and there is a new AGAI, 99 I think.
The civ doctor's sick note should state that the individual is unfit to travel (as opposed to unfit to work).

As Paymaster says, the rules are about to change and SAH personnel will come under the new Sickness Absence Management system. This provides a means for them to be brought under command of the nearest unit; the whole thing will be monitored by MAO(CH)s; they will have to visit the unit for assessment, and if unable to travel soldiers will be visited. As well as managing absence, the new system should also provide better welfare input for gennuine cases.

The new system starts 01 Oct.
i had this with 2 craftys last year. one got a civvy doctors sick note but had the sense to see a military doctor who gave him sick leave. the other got the civvy sick note which said he was unable to work so he went home thinking he had a week off. that was until i phoned him telling him to report to his nearest med centre to see a military doctor before he was charged as being awol. unlucky for him he was only given light duties and had to return for work and do paperwork for the rest of the week.

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