Sick Art (Warning very disturbing images)


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They're sh1t. Why would you want any of them on your living room wall - except to scare off the In-Laws?
Is that the new Navy recruitment poster?
Gosh! One wanders into the NAAFI and finds the inhabitants discussing modern art....

Stuckism is a radical and controversial art group that was co-founded in 1999 by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish (who left in 2001) along with eleven other artists. The name was derived by Thomson from an insult to Childish from his ex-girlfriend, Brit artist Tracey Emin, who had told him that his art was 'Stuck'. Stuckists are pro-contemporary figurative painting with ideas and anti-conceptual art, mainly because of its lack of concepts. Stuckists have regularly demonstrated dressed as clowns against the Turner Prize.
These are the chaps who think that Tracey Emin and crew just do conceptual bollocks. They do pictures of people - even if rather weird ones..

What is better: Joe Machines perverts or Tracey Emins tent flaps?

I reckon the average NAAFI needs a few Joe Machine's on the wall as errr conversation pieces...

Joe Machine was one of the founder members of the first Stuckist group in 1999. He has been featured in all the major Stuckist shows. He comes from a Romany background on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Childhood exposure to pornography and violence in his locality have led to ongoing personal issues, which are evident in his work. As a young man his involvement in crime such as burglary led to periods in youth offenders' prisons. He credits art as his way out of this lifestyle. He is married with two children.
Is this not just a re-invention of Japanese Erotic Art of the 1700's?

(i'm not a smart arrse, was just very pervy when young boy!)

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