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Hello all

moved into a new house about 8 months ago finally decided that its time to get a pup for the house.

After wanting a Sibe for ages i have decided to bite the bullet and get one in the next month or soo

So does any body know anything about sibes that i havent already read on the internet sites about on google. does any fellow arrsers have a sibe as pet dog.

i have a one year old and a two month old, make sure your vet knows what a sibe is, as my vet though they where supposed to be larger and made us increase the food intake. which has the opposite effect as they just rush all the food through undigested. also i do not recommend tinned meat as its too rich, give them table scraps instead bond meat pototatos etc. no garlic or onion, although i'm sure your breeders told you that already.
incase your interested i use burns food for the older one as he has some food issues, and the breeders own for the puppy, both get burns treats as treats.

FYI if you plan to take it walking,
I took the older one up snowdon abit ago and he towed me all the way to the top, when we got back down he just looked at me to ask "can we go again?"

there was a tread on sledding, i think some of the guys on that had sibes.

are you going for a male or female?

feel free to pm or respond here if you have any specific questions


PS there the best breed of dog ever, well for me anyway.
heres the going for a walk phase I went through , puppy yeah ok no probs ,, little older 5k jog ,, sort of ok ! 3 years , tie youre self to youre dog put on youre inline skates and hold on tight ! you aint going to stop and at speeds of over 25 kmh braking is not an option ! have fun , I´ve still got the scars 5 years on :)
i Train mine on a scooter but like has been said hold on tight coz if they see something they want to eat your in for the ride of your life.

I will pose this here i did ask about starting a Tri forces sled dog association any takers
keefy i'm still up for it but he still does not know left or right, or at least pretends not to, i think i need to get him in a slow team so he can learn the commands.

I was looking at a scooter but there too expensive if he dosnt like it so i'm looking of a bike rig although they seem abit dangrous to me. i cannot work skates so there out too although i think thats for the best.

i tihnk i'm going to watch the race at Delamere Forest in November see if i can make any contacts in my area.

Hi guys sounds interesting

what training did you get for them if any or what training did you do with them i.e. house training

i was thinking female but not sure which one to go for yet

not actually spoke to the breader yet but will be later on this months when i have more of a idea what i want, i was thinking female copper and white if possible,
ok haw and gee take time for them to learn so do it when you walk them much easier if they make a mistake

FEMALE deffo alot more brains for lead dog anyway males are thick as shit

Give me a shout at delamere i will be there
Female for attitude much better not likley to want to hump everything

Haw left turn

Gee Right turn when racing them

Anything else is just jibberish
training wise i took the dog to the kennel club puppy class and the kennel club bronze class, will take him to silver when the little one starts puppy class, as for the house training the male was 5months when we got him so his mum and siblings had already tought him in the kennel and the little one has learnt from him. the main thing is to take them out often, i think as a rule of thumb take them out ever hour per month of age plus one so every two hours when 1 month then every 3 at two months etc. although my pup can make it from 12 till 5 (5hours) and shes only two months old, she now gets taken out when she wakes out after a nap and that seems enough. Also the teat for going in the correct place should be given within a second of the act so she knows why she got the treat.



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My other half chats to someone who likes huskies, have a look at husky pups

The useful info seems to be on the About huskies link.
I realise that a) I own a Ridgeback and b) I will be suggesting the RAF can help but here we go anyway....
We took our pups to dog handling training at RAF Wittering run by the Dog handlers and it was the best training we went to.
Also having lived at Catterick where there are a few Huskies running about, my advice would be to make sure they are exceptionally well trained as some of the ones up there are a liability with kids, adults, dogs etc as they seem to suffer from selective hearing that would make a ridgeback proud! A couple of the ones at Catterick seemed to think they owned the person rather than the other way around. Having said all that being from Canada and being related to a Siberian Husky breeder they are a wonderful dog.
jimbo just reminded me to say i never ever let my dog of the lead except in the garden, you just carnt trust 'em, there are two problems with them 1) they have no road sence as far as they care cars will bounce of them,
2) that squirral/bird/rabbit/dog/whatever is much more interesting than you no matter how much food you throw at them.

however a few weeks after getting him our dog pulled the lead out of my brothers hand and was off with my brother chasing, he ran all the way home from the park in the time it took my brother to make a phone call home. Luckly there where no roads for him to cross.

jimbo also reminded me to say how well these guys can escape the farther of our new pup would climb up and over his kennel fences (both of them) and go for a run around the fields next door, then climb back in before feeding so as not to get caught.

i have been on to the site everytime i call them to get an upto date puppy list they never answer so tried emailing it now fingers crossed this works


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