Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Zorro247, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Okay a question for you - and a sensible one, although the answer may be obvious, it's not to me.

    Why do SIB wear suits to work and not uniform like the rest of the Army? It is not like they are CID working with the civilian population all day is it? From what I can see their customer base wear CS95 all day and they interact very little, if at all with outside organisations and civilians.

    UIE do similar work but wear uniform and change into suits on the odd occasion when they need to - why don't SIB?
  2. Because they can. Get over it.
  3. so they can be differentiated from gpd, is this a wah?
  4. Does anyone really care?
  5. You never seen The Sweeny?
  6. "Here come, the Men in Black..."
  7. So a SIB Sgt would go into a CO's office and say, 'Hi, I am Dave from the SIB'? I would have thought they would say, 'Hi Sir, I am Sgt ..... from the SIB'.

    Defeats the object really doesn't it.
  8. You never learn to spell it?
  9. I wore one of those suits for 23 years or so and don't know the real answer other than Biccies "'cause we can". It may have been a compromise from when we were banned from wearing uniform of some other unit and working 'undercover'. The situation of sybill dealing with an officer as suggested above was (and I suspect, still is) unlikely. It used to be SOP that officers were knocked off by SIB officers. If no officer readily available, usually done with, say, DAQMG sitting in the corner and making sure that neither party took advantage. There was some suggestion that if I, as a SNCO, were interrogating a junior I could be less formal if in civilian dress. Before we had our own corps of officers, the dross allocated to us frequently tried to limit suit work and pressed for uniform. There were distinct advantages of a suit when working with. say. KRIPO who were not in uniform. Yank CID the same. In some theatres all accepted that uniform was the correct dress - Korea was one such. Not always a suit - the guy posted to Port Said always dressed like a canal company pilot with white shirt, white shorts, white socks and white shoes. Now why was that? Do not know and that brings us full circle to Biccies contribution.
  10. 'I T' :D
  11. That was funny. Bit like that 'sports' jacket you wear. The one with the 'leather' patches on the elbows.
  12. This question has been asked many times before.
  13. Thanks for pointing it out Smudge - I didn't realise I should check back 12 months in case of a repeat thread. I will in future.

    Anyway, I read the previous thread and this one. There's not an answer in either. Does no-one know why SIB wear suits and not uniform? Seems a bit stupid to me. I'm not anti-branch or anything and am hoping that one day I can wear my disco suit to work, I was just wondering and it seems no-one knows.

    So why not save 150 quid per head a year and put them back into uniform?
  14. Surely it's a psychological thing?

    With regards to your searching back 12 months etc.....the search function is great, and the answer to the question hasn't changed.