Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mike_2817, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Can someone in the RMP tell me. Do the SIB still have a special TRF when in uniform?
  2. Only on CS 95.
  3. If TRF means Tight Red Foreskin - was really a long time since they flashed it.
  4. Not big fans of green kit though, are they?
  5. Green kit, bulled boots, cap badge over the left eye love it, we do, love it!
  6. Or work. :lol: They do love a pie though :lol:
  7. Yes, it is the losenge above, it used to be worn on the rank slide but it should now be moved above the MP flash on the right arm.
  8. A 'lozenge'? F*cking great name for a badge eh? Sounds like a f*cking Fishermans Friend.....does that bring us back onto Br*s? He was a Fisherman's friend.
  9. Anyone know if the TRF will be made for Mess kit?
  10. :D

    I always thought SIB personnel should have a nifty silver branch made to go on Mess kit - something discreet.
  11. Thanks for that, Saw one in Bosnia a few years ago, and was told that a TRF had been approved, and wondered if it was indeed the same badge.
  12. Off topic here…

    I don’t think a silver SIB badge for Mess dress will get passed the AGC dress committee any time soon (DAG’s Office), however after the creation of the silver CP statues (Commissioned by PM(A) for their 25th Anniversary). PM(A) is now in discussions with Peter Hicks ( to create a similar piece for SIB. Naturally they are going to produce a solid silver branch with the 19 points.
  13. Why not a silver statue of a slightly overweight, 'tired an emotional' bloke in a cheap suit?
  14. You mean 'bling'? How dare you Sir!